MICE Sector and Experiential Tourism: the inseparable duo for 2020

We could give a different title to this article and call it something like: “MICE Tourism of the future or MICE: travellers in search of an experience”. Undoubtedly, this is the objective that is going to set the trend in events in this new year 2020. Everything we use will have as the objective for the participants: “to live a different experience”. We simply want to excel and make a difference.

Spain is the third most popular tourist destination worldwide in the MICE sector. Many are the reasons for this: connections, variety of spectacular venues, quality of infrastructure, extremely wide hotel offer… And we must not forget to mention the climate which, in Spain, is one of our greatest allies. Therefore, Spain is one of the favourite destinations when looking for those experiences.


The MICE sector will not stop growing

According to the latest reports on the sector between  25% & 30% of Marketing Budgets are this year going to be destined to organising events as a differential.  Also, these reports veer in the direction of the search for new experiences as the way of bringing value to those events.

The clear trend is to satisfy the expectations of the participants in their desire for the event they are attending to become an experience that helps them to get to know the chosen destination in an authentic manner, via spectacular places and unique events. A programme design is, increasingly, a challenge for the organisers of events. Here we give you some of the trends that are showing as favourites for this new year.

Personalization is the key for the success of mice sector

Personalization is key  

We approach what some have already called “an explosion of experience”. The increasingly thin line that separates the working life from the personal, fruit of the growing use of new technologies, makes it necessary to take a step beyond what interactivity is.

Participants demand more experiential events, to be lived at first hand and share, almost instantaneously, what they are living: experiences that are much more immersed, where personalization will be key and a fundamental basis for the success of each event held. The idea is to leave an imprint, that the person before us feels part of the event and also feels that the event has been organised for their enjoyment. This personalization ensures the participants feel much more highly valued.


Technology is a fundamental part of this stage

In this untiring search to excel above the rest by providing these so desired experiences, technology becomes a fundamental support. Both concepts go hand in hand. The personalization that is going to assist us so much in adapting each event to the participants helping them to become more involved, is completely linked to advanced applications in technology.

Thanks also to the infinite possibilities it offers, we can connect to people who are not present, either via streaming or social networks. We can have a far wider reach if we know how to address those who are not physically present, generating a feeling that they are included, that an effort is being made to reach them by speaking also to them. They are not just in the background watching a recording but they can interact with us directly. Between this formula and the power provided by social networks the outreach of our event is going to be much greater.   

Social networks will increase participation in all type of events

Promote the participation of those attending

The way in which meetings evolve and guests at events are attended to is changing. Once again we return to the search for an experience, that wanting to create something to make a difference that not only promotes the brand but also brings us closer to the participants.

The participants are now the protagonists and are no longer passive but an active and fundamental part that contribute to make events memorable. When something is lived more actively we are able to remember it better and we take a better experience with us. To achieve this it is fundamental that the work of the events organiser should be impeccable, emphasising the area we want the participants to remember us by.

Participants are now the protagonists

Meeting Design

Or, what is the same: millimetric design of each minute of the conference, full day, incentive, event.. which, at the same time is, happily, open to any kind of improvisation. This format is going to encourage the participation of the attendees above all, searching to achieve that clear experiential objective.

Once again we highlight that the clear trend is that everything should be fully adapted to the profile of the audience, as we have mentioned above. A design of absolutely everything that is in the programme, from furnishings to possible off script actions, is fundamental for the result to provide the experience sought.  


Stepping outside the traditional is trending

Whether looking for lesser known destinations, singular venues, different activities… everything counts to give our event that touch of difference. Spain is a country full of historic buildings with impressive architecture, restaurants that, in themselves, are an experience all of their own or that are located within a museum or a natural or historic setting…. Surprising corners abound all over the national geography that are still relatively unknown…. There are thousands of options!

Professionals in the sector tirelessly explore new destinations and unique venues to find that added value. An ensemble of accessories at the event itself undoubtedly contribute to the success of the event. The same happens with the activities that are proposed, and are increasingly related to stepping outside a routine or the well known, or to do with getting the most out of technology to enhance the surprise factor.

Stepping outside the traditional is trending

Events with a high focus on sustainability 

This was a trend in 2019 and continues to be present for 2020. Increasingly sustainability is a reality in the world of events and meetings, based especially on recycling, reducing and reusing.

From the choice of catering, the venue, the means of transport, the use of recycled materials…. Everything adds up when organising an event that is even just a little more sustainable. As we have said on other occasions, many “small things” add up to something big.

Sustainable activities for events

Success is in the whole

As professionals in events we know that it is a complex sector and that success comes from adding up all the details that make the programme complete, whatever the type of event. The trend is clear, the traveller is looking for the experience and we, the professionals want, and have to provide it for them.

It is very important not to forget that the final result is based on that ensemble of accessories that accompany the main objective which we have been speaking about throughout this article. Therefore, we must not set aside the basic details because everything has to be perfect: the new and the “forever”. We must use our creativity, professionalism and knowledge to leave that imprint on those participants who, now not only want to know, but also experiment and live the experience.

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