The combination of the on-site form with online allows us to reach a much larger audience. We unite both kind of events so that all the advantages of both formats are within your reach.


By now for sure you will have heard us say that events are one of the best communication tools we have within our grasp. And this format of events is the perfect option to combine attendance with the huge advantages of the virtual world.

We avoid problems of crowd capacity and extend our reach to a limitless audience. There are also innumerable way of adding value to all the participants with a wide range of options.


Thanks to technology, it is perfectly possible to manage fluid communication between both audiences.  

Not only that, with the advantages of the online environment we can measure much more easily the level of attendance and engagement, and propose the use of social networks as means of participation plus something that always allows us to improve: which is that the event is recorded to be analysed afterwards.


Among all the factors involved in the success of hybrid events the professionals in the online ambit, together with all the on-site coordinators are the ones who ensure that the connection between the attendance audience and those following the event online runs smoothly. And this is possible thanks to many tools and technical means that can help us present a professional event that participants can join in with from anywhere in the world.     

"Once again thank you so much for all your help.  The feedback I have had has been excellent!  So, thank you for looking after everyone."

Nikki Wyrill, Management Assistant, Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

"I can’t thank you enough for helping make this event such a success for us all – Carolyn was so happy, and as you know, Chet was over the moon. The problem you have now given us is how to compete with that for next year! Thank you thank you thank you – it has as always been a delight working with you and I look forward to our next challenge."

Henry Oakley, Project Director, WorldSpan.

"We had a fantastic time in Malaga and would like to thank you a million for all your help and cooperation! Everybody loved it and had a really great time. See you next time!"

Carolyn Habermann, Executive Secretary, ECCO.

"Carina was very happy with the whole event. She said it was fantastic and probably one of the best ever they have had. The activity was very fun, both the restaurants was very good with fantastic food and they all LOVED the flamenco. Thank you so much for the whole planning and event in itself. It has been wonderful to work with you, so I definitely will come back if more groups in Spain!"

Helene Norberg, Owner, Allmeetings.

"Alison Rolland informed me that the group enjoyed very much! She said that the service offered by BE Spain was excellent and the staff was kind and professional! Thank you very much for making this event a successful one!"

Nongnart Tirasilpa, Travel Director, Your Meeting incentive Services.

"Everything has just been perfect! You and your suppliers have made a fantastic job!! "

Jan Welander, Owner, Split Kommunikations.

"Thank you for all your help on site!! – The Director of Sales was DEEPLY IMPRESSED!"

Rebecca Lewandowski, Account Manager, YES (Your Event Solutions).

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