Corporate Social Responsibility

This is not about what we have done up to now but what we can do.
Let´s work together towards a more responsible future.


Nowadays social responsibility is found in more than a simple movement. It has become a vital element for social and economic development, in which thousands of companies have recognised their permanent commitment.  

Society, companies and the environment coexist thanks to all the responsible actions that are generating a huge positive impact all around the globe. If we all commit with a more sustainable conscience, we all win. Join up to change!  


At BE Spain DMC & Events we are aware of the important role companies play in regard to the control of the impact such companies make on their surroundings. When speaking of surroundings we refer to any area, whether social, environmental, economic, cultural…. Therefore, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a permanent commitment to which we voluntarily adhere. This commitment is highlighted by our constant search to improve procedures in all areas and thus reduce the corresponding impact.This all forms part of this movement. 

We do not have a permanent agreement with any particular association but we are in contact with several local associations and we participate in the initiatives with which we feel we can bring most value. A usual example would be:

  • Collection of clothing by the Red Cross in Málaga
  • Collection of toys by the Red Cross in Málaga
  • Contribution of foods to the homeless
  • Delivery of clothes and toys to Cudeca Málaga 

We also try to motivate the home team in the participation of solidarity marathons often held in various Spanish cities. We even try to encourage the participation of the delegates of an event if the agenda allows for it.


We are convinced that any activity can be focussed towards social responsibility and sustainability. Which is why we help you to connect with that social commitment in the most fun and responsible way. 

Together with your team enjoy a wide range of activities: refurbishment of homes, replanting in natural habitats, community service or solidarity gymkhanas, among many others. A deed is worth more than a thousand words! Lets team up to create a better place for everybody! 


It has always been said: “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”. Which is why, in our office we promote the use of recycled paper, although the first instruction is not to print; when classifying residue these are separated to facilitate recycling: lighting is by LED for lesser impact on the environment. On the other hand flexibility is part of our day to day and we encourage the work/family dynamic.  Inour offices we promote the use of recycled paper, albeit initially our first instructions are not to print; on classification of residue these are separated for recycling; lighting is LED for a lesser environmental impact.

In the careful selection of our suppliers we always ensure their activity is as sustainable as possible.

In terms of the production of events we always try to generate the least impact. If there is a large number of delegates, impact is inevitable, but we always advise authorities or those responsible, (if there is going to be more noise than normal during a particular time period, if there is going to be a significant amount of debris to ensure there are sufficient wastepaper baskets…..).

Our suppliers for activities can also always offer options directed towards promoting a sustainable activity: reforestation, orchards, excursions by bicycle or electric scooter … Also in the majority of Restaurants and Hotels ecological food and/or local and seasonal products are on offer. In this way we attempt to follow some of the main ideas promoted by official organisms in terms of sustainability which they report to us all in their annual reports.

In general, we can say that an increase in the awareness of sustainability has been perceived in all of our suppliers which, as we have previously mentioned, have been carefully selected.


To be concerned with the environment and think greenis increasingly a priority. Can you imagine an event with the minimum emission? We work with a long list of trustworthy suppliers, carefully selected over the years working with them. As a team we create unforgettable experiences, based on a common objective: to increase our sustainable conscience with our events.

There is a new way of creating unforgettable experiences with the least environmental and social impact by avoiding unnecessary consumption and overproduction. We can take your event responsibly to the ultimate level! Our actions are our future!


At Be Spain we are working on a series of agreements, developing and improving activities with a view to achieving a greater involvement of participants from a group or event in the reality of the local area of the destination chosen. It is about actively participating in activities that make us connect with realities of which we are sometimes not conscious but that are part of the day to day of many people.

We have already carried out isolated activities in this way and because of their positive result and successful acclaim we want to reinforce this initiative. The objective is to reach as wide a public as possible, to which we all add our bit. Here we tell you some of our proposals:    

  • Cooking for the homeless. We have many team activities where learning a Spanish recipe is the highlight. The idea is to donate the resulting foods or part of the result to a food bank.
  • Making a food collection during the event. Consisting in informing all participants that at the entrance to the meeting room (or a venue to be designated) boxes have been placed in which to deposit non perishable foods that can be bought in local supermarkets. Everything collected will then be donated, with our assistance, to the association chosen by the client.
  • In reference to the above, the purchase of non perishable foods can be incorporated into a Team Building activity. Consisting in dividing the participants into teams and organising a treasure hunt around the city centre. As they get to know the city they will buy foods to fill a box assigned to each team. All the foods will be donated and, at the same time, the winning team will win a prize established by the company.
  • For the company to make a direct donation for a group of clowns or other entertainers to be taken to a local children´s hospital. The objective is to brighten up the morning for those hospitalised kids. The result of that donation will be recorded on a video for the delegates to see the amount of smiles to be achieved from that small donation. It could also be arranged that each delegate contributes 2 or 3€ to that donation (depending on the size of the group). 
  • Canyoning, interacting with a clean up of the natural surrounding environment where the activity takes place.


We select our suppliers conscientiously. We take special care that they comply with all regulations established by Health & Safety for the complete peace of mind of our clients.

Regarding the pandemic we are currently living through we consider it important to stress, for the peace of mind of our clients, that all venues we offer, suppliers we work with and programme proposals we offer comply with all health and safety protocol required and in accordance with established regulations.  We also form part of the Commitment for Responsible Tourism. Events & safety go hand in hand!

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