MICE destinations: Spanish World Heritage Cities

With the search for the experience being one of the main trends in the last few years, new destinations become, on occasions, the main focus. They are then the protagonists around which the organization of the whole programme evolves.

Spain is a country with myriad options in this sense. There is a wide variety of lesser-known destinations that may interest those companies looking for this factor above others (we must remember that in many cases these options make for a slightly longer journey, but are really worth it!). We shall be giving ideas of destinations in the following articles but today we want to concentrate on those Spanish cities considered Heritage of Humanity. Sounds good, doesn´t it?


What does it mean to be Heritage of Humanity?

When a city receives this honour, it is granted international recognition for possessing a cultural heritage considered the work of a master, worthy of admiration by everybody in the world. Also, the city has the enormous responsibility of protecting that heritage, restoring it, and maintaining it for the enjoyment of all of us here and all of those to come.

In these cities, one really does not tire of wandering around the streets. They are cities full of surprises, where we can admire the creative genius of the human being through construction, history, and the capacity to inspire and enchant us.


Spain is full of unique hideaways

In our country, we can count on numerous areas which, for one reason or another, have obtained this recognition. Many of these cities can also boast great infrastructure for MICE Tourism, which benefits from this marvellous complement, that comprises the historical and cultural richness embodied in these iconic cities:


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Toledo: A landmark destination because of its historic heritage of international interest. At just an hour from Madrid, Toledo can boast great professionalism and experience in Events and Meetings Tourism. It also has a wide variety of spaces that highlight the singularity of this beautiful city.

Ibiza: An unparalleled location, Ibiza rises up surrounded by sea becoming, since time immemorial, a strategic point for tours of the Mediterranean. Its natural and cultural heritage of great artistic, historic and archeological value, make up the greatest attractions of the city. This famous island is, above all, known for the beauty of its landscapes, life in the city, and its exclusive atmosphere where modern and traditional meet, creating an environment that becomes a perfect destination for MICE tourism.

Tarragona: Very near to Barcelona, this city boasts spectacular spaces as one of its major attractions. A capital full of corners capable of transporting us to other eras which, as well as being well connected, has great experience in the MICE sector.

Córdoba: Córdoba is one of the oldest cities in Europe. The Mosque-Cathedral, heart, and soul of the city, is the centre of gravity for this World Heritage of Humanity. The mixture of East & West roots gifts our senses a city of incredible beauty, with exquisite gastronomy surrounded by a unique cultural legacy.

Salamanca: Considered as the Spanish Renaissance city par excellence makes it unique. A large part of the city life revolves around the University, the students, and curiosities that give it a cosmopolitan and contemporary air. A sustainable city with a monumental richness capable of always providing the perfect backdrop that will give added value to any type of corporate event.

Santiago de Compostela: Monumental city with a unique architecture that gave rise to the phenomenon that is  Camino de Santiago.  One of the most indisputable Humanity Heritage sites that oozes history and timelessness. Centuries-old forests, Roman and medieval towns, lost monasteries, hermitages, Celtic hamlets, sea villages… all prepared to be the stage for unforgettable events.

Segovia: Characterised by its artistic and monumental riches, and by the luxuriance of nature surrounding it, Segovia offers true value when organising open-air activities for active tourism and any type of incentive trip. Castles, palaces, wineries, protected natural spaces…… offering a multitude of options with great potential to organise programmes that favour participation and impact.

San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife): Is an example, through its architect of a pacific city, without walls, inspired by navigation. With a mixture of American and European roots and how both united creating a strong link. It is very well known that Tenerife is an island blessed with great hotel infrastructure and for meetings, leisure options and restaurants with unique venues that are an experience in themselves.

Ávila: History, art, tradition, magic, nature, gastronomy.. all of this around the walls of  Ávila, where the warrior character of one of the most mystic areas of Spain can be felt. It is the highest city in Spain, the light capable of creating its own unique atmosphere​

Alcalá de Henares (Madrid): Cradle city of Miguel de Cervantes, who gave life to the great Don Quijote de La Mancha. Strolling through this city is to wander through an iconic emblem of Spanish Language and Literature. Its Heritage is the result of a city inspired by what its men thought and wrote. A city turned into a cultural and touristic landmark in which everything is so magical, it all seems like a fairytale.

Cuenca: Cuenca is a surprising city where the past and the present blend magically. Rivers and stones left in the city landscapes that have been formed over millennia to give rise in the present to horizons of incredible beauty.  A perfect place to disconnect where, at the same time, you provide your guests with an unforgettable memoir.

Cáceres & Mérida: In these lovely cities we can wander through the history of Spain from paleolithic times, which gives them an unparalleled richness of heritage. Today, these are cities where past, present & future live together in perfect equilibrium, offering the option to hold events and meetings in an incomparable historic framework.

Úbeda & Baeza (Jaén): Surrounded by Natural Parks such as Sierra de Cazorla, Úbeda & Baeza, they possess landscape qualities with a strong heritage that has been enriched over centuries. Cities that, although not with the capacity to hold large events, are a compulsory stop for Mice Tourism that is accommodated nearby, and the area can be enjoyed where culture and nature come together to offer spectacular landscapes.


Spain has much to offer

With this short summary, we have provided merely minute sketches of what these beautiful and iconic cities can offer us, and can be considered to hold any type of event or meeting. So, if you would like further information on any of them, you only have to ask!

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