Valencia, a top MICE destination

Located to the East of Spain, Valencia is an internationally known city, the third largest in the country behind Madrid & Barcelona. It is one of the European cities that has enjoyed the greatest growth in recent years, occupying one of the first positions as a destination chosen to hold all kinds of events. And, why not, given the charisma and professionalism of all those in the MICE sector who provide their services in this beautiful Levantine city.

Valencia provides us with incredible and marvellous landscapes between the sea and mountains. Bathed by the Mediterranean sea, the city has almost 25 kilometres of beaches, among which are some of the most admired and highly valued in the whole of Spain. Not for nothing is it one of the main summer holiday spots for Spaniards. The city of Valencia asserts itself appearing in all the rankings as an international tourist destination.


A city full of contrasts

Valencia has made the leap to modernity without turning its back on its roots, surprisingly pleasant for inhabitants and visitors, being so full of contrasts. The renewal of its historic centre, the Convention Centre designed by Norman Foster, the creation of cultural and sustainable places such as the City of Arts and Sciences, the Oceanographic Centre… A city that has grown unceasingly and will continue to grow thanks to the interest it shows in itself and the commitment to constantly remain at the forefront.   

The so admired architecture veers between historic and futuristic buildings. Tradition and history meet with the avantgarde and the future among its streets. Valencia is a city in continuous evolution. A city proud of its historic past, but ready to take on the great constructions of the 21st century. The historic centre is a clear reflection of the various cultures that have inhabited the streets. Years of history reflected in a special charm, full of those cultural touches in every corner of the city.

Valencia as a MICE destination: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events

A destination that never disappoints

Valencia is surrounded by the Albufera National Park with its myriad rice fields and a rich and fertile orchard, that provides the best fresh and seasonal produce. We stress we are talking of a city that is well up on sustainablity, something of extreme importance in these times we live in. The richness of the marvellous surroundings is incalculable. And the inhabitants know it, they care for their land and are proud of it.

We cannot forget to mention that Valencia gives us, almost daily, a luxurious climate, which lends itself to greater enjoyment of the trip and all the options offered by the destination. With multiple leisure options to enjoy every second of the visit. In March the city puts on its party clothes to celebrate the famous Fallas, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The streets are full of colour and gunpowder, giving free rein to the creativity of all those participating in this event charged with magic.

Valencia as a MICE destination: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events

Luxurious gastronomy full of local produce

The gastronomy of the city is widely known through the traditional paella from Valencia. However, it goes far beyond its famous rice dish. You will be surprised by the wide variety that accompany this famous star dish: rices in all their combinations, traditional fish and shellfish cooking, excellent wines, “horchata”, a tiger nut milk beverage  and spectacular citruses.

But the avantgarde has also reached the Levantine capital and is, without doubt, one of its main points. The infinite possibilities and raw ingredients available to its Chefs ensure it is a real pleasure to eat in any of its restaurants. 

Valencia as a MICE destination: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events

Science, Nature & Art in one unique complex

The City of Arts and Sciences has attracted the attention of the whole world ever since its construction. It has become that, an iconic element making an undeniable difference not only in Valencia as a destination, but in the whole of Spain. The prestigious architect, Santiago Calatrava, left his mark with this construction: without doubt one of his finest works. An incredible and spectacular design without precedent.

Throughout, we find several options to hold spectacular events and meetings. Unique venues that create a special atmosphere, which contribute to the events being held here not leaving anybody indifferent. 

Valencia as a MICE destination: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events

It is very easy to get to Valencia

In regard to connections, Valencia is perfectly connected via its international airport, one with some of the highest volume of air traffic throughout Spain. On the other hand, for internal connections, the AVE or high speed train reaches the very heart of the city. We find ourselves at a capital with easy access and well communicated at all levels as the port is also an entrance gate for those who wish to use the seaway to reach the city.


Valencia is on the up

As with other more highly valued destinations in Spain Valencia is a modern and cosmopolitan capital that enjoys a privileged location next to the sea. The charm provided by this location and its contrasts ensure that it is a city that, if you come for work, you will want to return on holiday.

With a wide range of hotels, convention centres, traditional or modern venues, all kinds of activities, a climate to die for, restaurants that reach the very highest of expectations…. Valencia offers everything we could need to guarantee a perfect result for any corporate event. All the marvelous assets to be found in the city regarding infrastructure, leisure options, experience and know how, make this city an ideal headquarters for MICE tourism.​

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