Why do we say that an event is the best marketing strategy?

Every day more and more companies decide to take this type of action to promote their products or services. And we do not tire of agreeing with their strategy when they do so or to encourage those companies who have not yet decided to take this step. 

Of course it represents an effort requiring financial input and time but the ROI (return) can be around 300% according to the latest scales in the sector. Something to think about, no? But, what are the reasons this type of tool works so well? Why are they used increasingly? We shall now see.

Why do we say that an event is the best marketing strategy?

Person to person

Until a short while ago the most prolific marketing means used to reach the greatest number of people were the more than well known “mass communication means”. The high cost has stopped many companies and, to a certain extent, have bcome somewhat “intrusive”. We all want to see our tv series or film without interruptions and we even pay to do so.

Since the internet has brought us a revolution that day by day surpasses itself, we tend to be more individual and less “en masse”. Therefore, all marketing techniques have started to adapt to this new concept of individuality that makes every individual so important with their behaviour, likes and interests (hugely valuable information for brands, as we already know).

This is where events come in. The focus on “living the experience yourself” is highly valued by all those who attend events. We are no longer “en masse” but people attending a venue, especially invited to learn about, at first hand, a product or service. And this does not finish here, because the experience of these people is much more highly valued by third parties than any advert placed by the brand through mass media.

Why do we say that an event is the best marketing strategy?

Personal Connections

 In relation to all of the above, personal connections are the “pinnacle” in this new era in which communication has no barriers. A well focussed event is one that is going to encourage receiving constant feedback to learn from. We have our potential client in front of us…. Let us take advantage! We can interact with them, speak about ourselves much better in more detail and with greater emphasis than our corporate web page can. Interchanging opinions brings us closer together and that closeness is what sells.

But let us not forget there is much at stake here and there is no room for improvisation. The venue, timetable, message, food… everything has to be perfectly prepared and always personalised in relation to the public attending. We know who we have invited and presumably we know what is expected of us. We have the opportunity to make this personalised communication adapt to the profile of all those people we have in front of us.

On occasions, it is possible we may need to hold various events one after another adapting the message of each one to the moment in which each group of guests is within the purchase cycle: Have they just got to know us? Do they follow us on social networks and know us well? Do we know if our product or service is of interest to them or is this merely the first contact? If we are able to adapt the message we shall have greater possibilities of the return growing more strongly.

Why do we say that an event is the best marketing strategy?

We reiterate: personalised attendance

One of the things we shall always recommend is to have sufficient staff to address all questions posed by potential purchasers. Introduce a space in which we withdraw from the main presentation to be able to make direct contact with the product or service, we consider to be indispensable. The company staff is key to that moment in which the potential client draws near to the product or service. The option of clearing up all their queries right there and then is an advantage we all know and appreciate.

Through personal contact greater confidence in the company is generated. We highlight our strengths live and we are able to attend to and clear up all queries at that very moment. The commercial work is key at this point as they are the ones with most psychology and experience in the treatment of the client or even with possible ambassdadors of the brand. Let us give the person we have in front of us an experience which will lead them to always speak well of our product or service.


Social networks can be our allies  

We are confident, because we have prepared painstakingly and with that objective in mind, that the experience of the participants will be unforgettable. All those people can become, in turn, ambassadors of our brand via their social networks.

Increasingly, we tend to comment on our experiences on social networks and this is going to help extend our message, if we have brought true value to the participants: our guests will share experiences with their contacts and this has far more potency than we often think. As we have mentioned above, the experience of others is much more highly valued than even the commercial message of the brand.

Why do we say that an event is the best marketing strategy?

To conclude:

We can see that holding an event, in spite of the effort involved, gives us some advantages that we cannot achieve with any other marketing tool. It is especially important that we surround ourselves with professionals to be able to get the maximum out of our investment. Remember:

  • We can focus all our attention on the participants and adapt our message in a totally personalised way.
  • We can establish trustworthy personal contacts. Trust is the essential ingredient with which to establish a commercial relationship, especially when we speak of B2B businesses, which entail a lengthy and constant interaction in that relationship.

We must not forget to mention that marketing online, company incentives and commercial meetings together with all types of corporate events have evolved to create a much more personalised world of products and services generally. We have at our disposal a set of tools that, well applied, are our best allies to help increase sales in the company.

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