7 original ideas for organising your corporate events

One of the most repetitive requests we receive is that the client wants to offer their guests something different. They want to create a difference by choosing another kind of experience,ultimately, they are looking for something original. We go for a balance mixing traditional with something new and the following are some ideas that are giving very good results. Do you want to leave your participants open mouthed? Well, look at what we propose:


Mobile apps for events without a programme of meetings

We have spoken elsewhere on this issue (you can read more in the article specifically about mobile apps for events). Here, we are referring to a single use of mobile apps, something different to the norm. Usually, they are tools used to facilitate communication between participants at congresses or conventions. However, in fact, they have many more uses.

We can use them, for example, for an incentive. To give you an idea, we have to imagine a “large group whatsapp” but much more organised. A whatsapp group of 100 people can be chaotic (makes you tremble just to think about it! J). With a specific app, participants are invited to download it before they arrive. From them on imagination has no limits. You can propose games, cover the ranking of activities being performed, introduce objectives and challenges, make a Facebook type wall, send out notifications to everybody, create alerts, send documents, private messages…..all the participants will be easily connected, with many uses and it can be made fun.


Light and sound games at a special dinner

This is something that if well done, will leave you mesmerised even if you have seen it a thousand times. Light projections in conjunction with incredibly apt music can create an atmosphere your guests will not forget. It creates an emotion not seen at just any event. However, it must be well organised by an experienced professional. For example, at a dinner the lights are lowered, the chosen music starts and the issues relating to the company or the message they wish to transmit appears on the table itself. The result is impressive.

Special lighting for corporate events

Do an excursion somewhere different, not to the typical, usual places

Doing an excursion sounds like “the normal thing” but it is a basic. If you are going somewhere for the first time you want to get to know it a bit, not just stay in the hotel. If you want to get to know the destination but don´t feel like doing the usual tour, there are many other possibilities. Ideally, a combination of a basic, the most emblematic element of the area and added extras. For example, very near Málaga is the Caminito del Rey, an outstanding natural mountain landscape. To the traditional walk through the centre of Málaga (an unmissable basic) we can add an excursion through this very impressive gorge, with a meal in the area. It is a place you will always remember.

Even visits to monuments can be given that extra touch. Why not visit a place such as the Alhambra at night? With lights it becomes even more magical than ever.


Organise a dinner in a restaurant that steps out of the ordinary

It doesn´t matter what, but whether location, the food or decoration…the idea is to make that lunch or dinner a spectacular gastronomic experiencePulling off a surprise may seem difficult, but imagine dining in a restaurant located on the top floor of a building, surrounded by glass windows with stunning views over the city, a renowned chef and a made to measure menu to enable you to experience the local cuisine of the area but with a modernist twist. If we add atmospheric music and suitable lighting…. success is assured.    

Spain offers a gastronomy that provides an added attraction, an element that draws many visitors. The variety of Restaurants is almost limitless; there are options for all tastes. And, as today we are looking for something original, we know where to findgood Restaurants that combine extraordinary cuisine with a spectacular atmosphere.

Special venues for corporate events

Themed activities

It could be an activity, a lunch or dinner, or even, why not? The meeting room.  

Themes always provide a touch of originality. But, we often don´t know what to use to provide that surprise.Some of the most fun activities have been, for example, to “dine in a casino” or receive participants at a meeting with a red carpet ¡with photoshoots, the lot! To create a surprise means leaving the routine behind, creating an impact on the participants for them to remember your event as the best. You have to let your imagination fly.


Use an original means of transport

We always use normal cars or coaches to transfer groups. Try standing out by collecting participants in an old bus, a vintage car or a fleet of Mercedes. Surprise people with a horse drawn carriage or let them take motorbikes or a car chosen by you.


Organise meetings outside of the meeting room

In Spain there are many estates with space to hold meetings, providing an atmosphere very different from the norm, more rustic and authentic. But if you really want to go that extra step, try organising the meeting in a museum. This gives a very special touch and you can programme a visit round the museum when the meeting is finished. Factories also offer spaces to hold meetings, so why not take them up on that idea?  

This is just a snippet of what can be included in an event to give it an original touch. We hope you have found this article interesting. For anything you may need do not hesitate to contact us. And don´t forget to follow us on your favourite social network. It will be great to see you there!


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