How to organise a sustainable event? Join up to change!

Today we see how the concept of sustainability has begun to reach all areas of society. The consciousness that we have in our hands to minimize the huge impact we generate on our surroundings is being heard. It is something that is paramount.


What would a sustainable event be like?  

A sustainable event is one that takes into account and shows concern over the impact the organization of the event itself will have on its surroundings.This concern also means to try and minimise as much as possible that impact we are speaking of. As well as guaranteeing this issue, an attempt is made for the sustainability message to reach the conscience of all those attending. Good communcation in this type of event is essential.

Sustainable events

Why hold a sustainable event?

The surge in sustainability is a fact. Companies and, ultimately, people lend greater importance to this issue and we feel directly responsible for this “plot of land that is ours to care for”. By this we mean we are more conscious of the trail our habits leave on the environment and, increasingly, we try to do something to correct those habits by lending our grain of sand.

A company, holding a sustainable event, as well as improving its own image, has in its grasp the power to communicate this message to a huge number of people. If we organise an event with these characterisitics, that bring value to the company and we also manage to extend our sustainability conscience, why not do so?


Let’s talk about your needs to organize a more sustainable trip or event.

Sustainable events

How to organise a sustainable event? 

Good planning is required to organise a sustainable event, by taking advantage of the means available that guarantee the result we are looking for. On many occasions what holds us back when going for sustainability is having to step out of “our comfort zone”. We are used to doing things a certain way and it is difficult to change. A small impulse is all it takes. It is not difficult, only different. And, we can also contribute to minimising the impact that events leave on surroundings.

Don´t lets forget that normally events bring a large number of people together but also produce a great amount of residue. If, instead of continuing to do what we have done until now, we take that step and focus on “reduce, re-use and recycle” we shall ensure that one of the results of our event wil be a heightened sense of sustainability among the participants.

Sustainable Events

What can we do to make our event sustainable?

We are now going to propose a few ideas that can be easily adapted to the organization of each event. We are going to use the motto: “lots of little makes something big”.  In the future instead of “lots of little” we shall be able to do “something big” straight away.

  • Reduce printing. At this stage it is no longer necessary to print a programme. We can send an email or even upload it onto the event app, if one is being used.
  • Minimise plastics. Where possible we can avoid the use of plastics, even informing the suppliers. Whether glasses, packaging, plates …. These should ideally all be reusable. We can also use drinks dispensers rather than individual bottles or cans.
  • Opt for healthy food by engaging local suppliers who guarantee ecological and seasonal produce.
  • Organise activities that favour sustainability. Something related to recycling or directly respecting the environment, protection of animal and plant space….
  • Encourage recycling. Ensure that the suppliers we deal with work this area extensively.
  • Choose suppliers who promote sustainability. If we make an effort but that effort is lost as a link in a chain, it will not have served its purpose. We have to work with people who are committed to the organization of sustainable events.
  • Opt for natural light and, where required, use LED lighting. In Spain we have both climate and open spaces that allow us to do this so we are going to give priority to developing this trend where possible.
  • Aim for movement on foot. Not always possible but we shall also propose means of transport such as by bike or coach. There are even mobile apps that measure the CO2 footprint we are leaving on the environment depending on the method of transport chosen. If we invite guests to download that app and measure their own personal trail, it will help to increase their sense of sustainability.
  • Moderate volume. If we use sound equipment for our presentations, which we usually do, moderate volume to requirement.
Sustainable Events

It is usually said: “not everything that is, is here, but all those that are here, are”. We have proposed some measures that can easily contribute to making our events little by little more sustainable. Of course, all of this must be accompanied by a clear message of sustainability to all those attending. Besides, by trying to place our grain of sand, making this effort, will add value to the event. It can make the difference between the other companies in the sector and produce a better brand image. We can show there are other ways of doing things, you only have to offer it.

We hope you have found this article interesting. For anything you may need do not hesitate to contact us. And don´t forget to follow us on your favourite social network. It will be great to see you there!


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