We put our experience at your disposal to obtain the best results, making a difference. We know that we can guarantee that added value you are looking for.


Seminars are one of the simplest and most useful tools to communicate. Independently of the theme we are here to help you achieve success. Tell us your objectives and we can get started. Shall we begin?


At conventions we want to transmit the best image of our company. Always customised to your requirements, we can plan in a detailed and measured manner each step to be taken for the result to be a great success.

We are here to help you so that your convention is simply the best. We have more than 15 years experience working with the best suppliers and we are passionate about a job well done.  


Staff meetings, with clients or suppliers are one of the most important tools for making decisions, sharing ideas, developing new ones, bringing together all the criteria…. These corporate events are essential for communication in the day to day business for companies.

Planning, organising, development and evaluation. We help you with all of this and with all the coordination of venues, material and catering required for the atmosphere to be as relaxed as possible!


In a single day, as a team, we can do fantastic things. Just as you know your audience perfectly, we can help you transmit, communicate, inform and prepare the environment to develop an ideal working atmosphere. Your open day will achieve its objective and excel like never before.  


If communication is the main objective we know the venue, decoration, lighting and many other factors to be taken into consideration that transmit as much as any words. We only want professionalism, quality and security at our side. Which is why we deal with the best suppliers and coordinators and we take such care with the smallest detail, so that everything turns out perfectly.


In life just as at work human relationships are what motivate us day to day: speaking, interacting with others, sharing new thoughts…..if we are also in the right atmosphere we encourage new ideas, relationships and projects. We guarantee you a flawless organization, at a networking event planned down to the last detail and in the environment best adapted to your requirements.    


For training sessions to be a success, attracting and guaranteeing a dynamic learning experience it is important to spend time not only on the content but also on the organization of the event. Undoubtedly, in this latter aspect, we are the specialists. We guarantee you careful planning and supervision of each detail for a perfect result.


With a demanding public, we can only allow ourselves a perfect result. Each congress organised entails a huge number of factors to be considered so that everything works perfectly. Constant dialogue, meticulous control and excellent planning are some of the key elements for success.

"Once again thank you so much for all your help.  The feedback I have had has been excellent!  So, thank you for looking after everyone."

Nikki Wyrill, Management Assistant, Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

"I can’t thank you enough for helping make this event such a success for us all – Carolyn was so happy, and as you know, Chet was over the moon. The problem you have now given us is how to compete with that for next year! Thank you thank you thank you – it has as always been a delight working with you and I look forward to our next challenge."

Henry Oakley, Project Director, WorldSpan.

"We had a fantastic time in Malaga and would like to thank you a million for all your help and cooperation! Everybody loved it and had a really great time. See you next time!"

Carolyn Habermann, Executive Secretary, ECCO.

"Carina was very happy with the whole event. She said it was fantastic and probably one of the best ever they have had. The activity was very fun, both the restaurants was very good with fantastic food and they all LOVED the flamenco. Thank you so much for the whole planning and event in itself. It has been wonderful to work with you, so I definitely will come back if more groups in Spain!"

Helene Norberg, Owner, Allmeetings.

"Alison Rolland informed me that the group enjoyed very much! She said that the service offered by BE Spain was excellent and the staff was kind and professional! Thank you very much for making this event a successful one!"

Nongnart Tirasilpa, Travel Director, Your Meeting incentive Services.

"Everything has just been perfect! You and your suppliers have made a fantastic job!! "

Jan Welander, Owner, Split Kommunikations.

"Thank you for all your help on site!! – The Director of Sales was DEEPLY IMPRESSED!"

Rebecca Lewandowski, Account Manager, YES (Your Event Solutions).

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