How to make a traditional event seem innovative

On many occasions clients want to introduce a new element into a programme but “without going mad”. It is true that when we speak of “original” events we usually refer to a full programme with quite a few activities and entertainments that are way off traditional. However, as we have mentioned, often a client either does not want or cannot deviate much from the norm but would like to give a personal touch to the programme of meetings or incentive being organised.

At this type of event it is sufficient to include a small fine tuning to make them different and more personalized. At a basic meeting programme, a coffee break, lunch, activity and dinner, if we choose that added extra we shall achieve our objective. When we are in a familiar ambiance those small “deviations from script” stand out from the rest of the programme, giving a very special touch to the event.

Here is a list of some ideas to add as key elements to a basic programme:


Yoga Classes in the morning before starting the day

Best to include them as part of the programme within the timetable and always early morning. Participants should be advised of the correct clothing, venue, time and duration of class. We must consider that we are not addressing a public normally given to sport (or, at least, we do not know the level of each participant), so the session should be for beginners and must always encourage communication and cooperation among colleagues. A great idea for breaking the ice!

Yoga sessions

Impact Coffee Break 

We are all used to the typical 15 minute coffee breaks with pastries and at times some juice and fruit. This is where we can try to give a surprise.  If we make a longer break to include more options so the participants have more time to enjoy it. But we are not talking only of a concentrated coffee break, but to give a different touch: variety of smoothies, mixed fruit sticks, mini sandwiches with seeded breads, local cold meats, different types of coffee and infusions…. You can be sure all the participants will be delighted.

Impact coffee break

Take photographs throughout the day

To include this type of activity it is best if the participants are at least familiar with each other, for example, work colleagues. The aim is to take photographs throughout the day to then project them during the dinner. This will surely lead to a lot of laughter. A competition could be drawn up to choose the best photo, the worst or the funniest or most serious. Obviously, this purpose must be kept secret, the participants must not know that the photos being taken during the day are to be seen in the evening.


Hot air balloon ride

If you have space on the programme and sufficient budget, this activity is an incredible experience. Logically, we have to assume that the chosen destination provides this option and that the weather is favourable. A visit over a city from the air is always going to be unforgettable.

Hot air balloon ride

Sustainable activity, for awareness or Corporate Social Responsibility

It is true we are ever more aware, that we know it is something we have to attend to, but there are still many people who, probably through lack of time, do not know the magnitude the impact our activities have on our surroundings. Through this type of activity, whether nature, animals, recycling, homeless, hospitals….. we become more human and closer to the real problems we do not deal with in our daily lives. Believe us, the conscience of many people is moved, leading to changes, however minimal, in personal habits that favour the environment. You can read more about this type of activity in this other article on sustainable events or on our CSR page.

sustainable activities

Teambuilding with animals

Not only children love interacting with animals. We all love it! Have you tried going to a farm as an adult? Or any activity, horse riding? These are not activities much considered, but they are great fun and make you leave ALL your problems behind. Disconnection is assured. Animals have that power and they can teach us many things.  


Video-Mapping Experience

Highly fashionable: especially table-mapping. A gastronomic experience fused with a virtual realityand lights show that together create a really impressive atmosphere. Imperative is good food and professional technical support for the result to be so impressive that the guests are left open-mouthed. An experience that is really worth seeing live. You can read more in our article dedicated exclusively to video-mapping.

Video mapping experience

 Virtual Reality

In the world of events in which we all want to leave an imprint in the minds of those we are working with, one of the options that is innovative for many is virtual reality. If you want o tell a good story through images, or show off a city or particular place that is not where you happen to be located at the time, if you want participants to drive a vehicle or pilot a plane……. there are as many options as there are ideas going through your head. The aim is to make the unreal real or bring reality to the location where you are. ¡Simply sensational! You can read more about virtual reality in this other article.

virtual reality

Dine in Restaurants capable of guaranteeing great experiences

In Spain there are innumerable options as gastronomy is one of the greatest values in the country. Restaurants with good food abound and many are the chefs with one or several Michelin stars due to their dedication and work in the kitchen. But there are some restaurants that also want to offer an experience that goes beyond. Not only table-mapping and not only haute cuisine. It is a spectacle and an experience from the moment you walk into the venue. Places worthy of being visited to live somethimg different. If you have sufficient budget, this option will make you shine.


Visit a living Museum

This involves organising a visit to a museum, but one that is out of the ordinary. Along the museum passageways participants will encounter characters relating to what the museum represents. The music and the actors will create a fantastic atmosphere in which they will transport you, for a few moments, to another era.


Mobile Apps

If you organize congresses this may already be a basic for you, however, in other events programmes, meetings and incentives, mobile apps are not generally used. There are loads of uses for them, whether to communicate with participants, provide plans and documents, make games, group chats…. You can read more about mobile apps for events in this other article.

With this short list we have wanted to show you some ideas. Now you can see how one single activity can give a huge distinctive touch to an event. We can concentrate on an idea and place it accordingly within the programme and it will always get a good result.    

We hope you have found this article interesting. Please contact us for ore information. We will be happy to hear from you!

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