We are taking stock and highlighting the best of 2019

Unhurriedly, but inexorably, this year 2019 has practically reached the end. It seems it began just a moment ago but, if we look back, many things have happened, many events, many groups, many commercial transactions…. Yes, a whole year has gone by and now it is time to take stock of the great work accomplished, always trying to excel and to gather as much energy as possible to begin the new year.

Although all of us who work in this sector of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events know that this is a very demanding job, we also know the great satisfaction it brings to end each event successfully. Without doubt, our balance sheet is very positive and we want to share our vision of what we consider to be what has worked best throughout the year.

Each event has its own personality apart from all our effort to always make it exceptional, but we want to highlight those details that have helped to achieve a spectacular result or that have simply become indispensable.


Increasingly, more technology

As in all sectors, technology has become the main apex that supports the weight of communication improving the experience for those attending events. A trend that promised to become increasingly important at the beginning of the year and we have not been proven wrong.

Corporate events and technology

Technology occupies our daily lives and when we organise a conference or event we cannot forget that theparticipants expect a lot from us. They expect more than what they experience on a daily basis in terms of technology (which is no mean feat in the majority of cases). Which is why we have to aim high to excel. We leave you some of those requirements that have now become indispensable at year end:


  • What would a congress be without its own App? But not only for congresses. Any event wanting to excel in communication can use this type of tool to achieve it.


  • TeamBuilding activities worked around an Ipad are becoming a “must”. And we are not only referring to a treasure hunt, no. The options are limitless with this tool. You only have to open up your mind to activities that are new and, above all, more technological.
TeamBuilding activities: Enigma iPad
  • We must not forget to mention connections established during meetings with participants who are not present. Thanks to technology they can interact with those attending as if they were in the same room.


  • Social networks, as we have mentioned in several articles, help us to have greater exposure and allow for more interaction with those attending. Which is why this has become such a fundamental tool for all events and will foreseeably continue to do so.


  • Table-Mapping or, what is the same, a “gastro-technological experience, without parallel. No matter how many times you go with it, it is always a success that delights all the participants.
Table-Mapping for corporate events

In search of the “on mode”

As we have mentioned in the above paragraphs technology helps us to improve the experience for participants. This is a fact that has become increasingly apparent throughout this year and we cannot deny it.

But man does not live by technology alone and that “experience” so highly sought after goes beyond what is purely technological. The MICE sector confronts the challenge to generate experiences at each event. Nobody is saying it is easy, but when willingness is applied, the results are extraordinary. Here are some of the most indispensable:


  • The search for innovative destinations. It goes without saying that those destinations that speak for themselves are a safe bet in regard to infrastructure, professionalism, options…. But, increasingly, clients are seeking a change. Maybe they do not want to change the basic scheme of their programme much, but they do want to change the scenery. That is where they opt for innovation. We applaud that decision to leave the “comfort zone” (because connections tend to be somewhat longer), but the experience provided in return more than compensates for that effort. Spain has loads of spectacular corners waiting to be discovered.
Alternative destinations for corporate events
  • Buildings, Restaurants, Venues.. all different. Now we are not speaking of the destination but, within that usual destination, we shall find a unique venue that will provide an added extra. Venues with history, museums, iconic buildings, spectacular architecture… they all count to enhance and distinguish the brand, adding that much valued surprise factor.
Unique venues for corporate events
  • Intervals that make a difference. The idea is to offer a place to relax throughout the day long meetings. To clear the mind for a while via recreational activities during a coffee break helps participants to pay greater attention to the remainder of the meeting. It is no more than 30 minutes for a coffee break to totally disconnect and chat, escape or, why not? play a game of pool (an example among hundreds of options) before going back into the meeting room.


Events with a high focus on sustainability 

We already know that it is the responsibility of all of us to minimise our negative impact on the planet. We know this and, fortunately, there are increasingly greater examples of interest in this subject. It is often the clients who ask to undertake an activity of this kind and, at other times, we suggest it. In any case, we can assure you that the experience is very positive, helping participants become much more aware, and many even thank us for insisting on including at least a touch of sustainability in the event.

We warmly invite you to try and introduce sustainable activities into meetings programmes. Luckily, this is a trend on the rise and we hope it stays.

Sustainable corporate events

Maximum personalization  

The final point but, undoubtedly, the most important. In recent articles we have emphasised this issue because we have seen throughout the year, and we are fully aware of the tremendous importance this issue has (and it is increasing). It is clear that any event we organise must have our personal touch, but the most important thing is that the participants feel that everything has been personalised for them. 

This personalization makes the participants feel much more highly valued, making their experience much better. And this brings us limitless positive consequences, as the participants themselves become “ambassadors” for the brand, due to that so positive experience which they are definitely willing to share. Although it may sound contradictory, by focussing our events on a reduced number of people, it helps us reach many more.  This detail is of tremendous value and we should give it the importance it deserves.  ​

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