Mobile applications, what do they bring us? 

We have already spoken in a previous article about trends coming up for 2019, on the use of apps on mobiles at all kinds of events. By this we refer also to congresses, conventions, meetings whether large or small, incentives, product launches, fairs etc. This trend is also delveloping in both corporate and private use. The introduction of apps on the market is in constant growth, as to be expected.


What do Apps offer exactly to make them increasingly necessary?

We could concentrate on what they do not offer and that would be quicker, because their possibilities are almost unlimited. Think just for a moment what your needs are when organising an event of any kind. Your requirements and anything you could ask for to make the organization more agile, easier, communicative…. Enough, we know you can´t think about all that in just a moment. We would have to sit down for quite a while  and we would still come up with things that you don´t usually remember until you need them at that time.

Well, what Apps offer you, in a brief summary, is communication in a swift and easy way with the attendees. They are a plus, guaranteeing a better experience. Apps will shortly become compulsory use in all events. They are comfortable and easy. Who is not going to like that? Whoever tries them expect to use them again in the next event and miss them if not there. Let´s look in closer detail.

Apps in corporative events

What are the benefits of using an App for events?


Up to now we have made a brief summary of what an App offers us: Communication. But it goes way beyond that: from consulting the agenda, receiving notifications or setting up meetings to options that promote networking and the participation of the attendees. The benefits are multiple. These are briefly the most important:


  • Attendees have access to the full programme which the organiser can present and set at will, making all necessary changes. It also allows you to set up alerts and sessions on the calendar. 
  • It allows attendees to sign up to activities or workshops that require this type of inscription. This gives the organiser a general idea of what profiles join up to which activities and which are most successful. 
  • The list of speakers can be published and they themselves can edit their details. 
  • You can attach all the documents considered of interest to complement sessions. 
  • News section.To keep attendees informed and interested. 
  • Each attendee can indicate their favourite content and add notes
  • Facility to attach maps and include locations. 
  • Places of interest. Complementary content to the event can be added so the attendees can programme alternative activities in their free time: getting to know the city, restaurants.. 
  • Apps tend to be designed to measure, easily managed and easy to up date at any time. 
  • Exhibitors. In events with exhibitors the full list can be posted with information about each item that can be marked as a favourite and notes added. 
  • Sponsors and adverts. Even the participants or sponsors can use exclusive advertising spaces. Some Apps also offer advertising to third parties but is not usually the case for this type of private app for specific events. 
  • Interaction. Social walls can be made available to post questions or comments, interact in real time with the speakers or carry out surveys to get specific feedback from attendees. 
  • Chats in real time can be made available, in private or public spaces to arrange appointments between the attendees or to include social profiles. 
  • Contact forms. With these forms attendees can make comments, ask questions or propose suggestions directly to the organisers. 
  • Any important communication for whatever reason will reach all attendees who have signed up to the app. 
  • Analyses. These tools allow you to generate reports and statistics to have as complete feedback and to be able to analyse the result of the event in any field you wish.

Apps in corporative events


For people who have used this type of tool over a period of time, some of these concepts may appear basic and their demands may be higher. As we have mentioned above that day is very near when this usage will become normal at all kinds of events. At times we complain that technology is separating us from those around us, don´t you think? Well, this is one of the cases where we can argue to the contrary, it brings us together, making communications faster. We want to give this useful tool the space it deserves.

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