How to give events a “healthy” twist

Increasingly there are more of us who want to take care of ourselves and our environment. This life-style we want to take with us wherever we go, which is why, little by little, this trend is also being introduced into the world of events and meetings.


What does “healthy” refer to exactly?

When we use the word “healthy” applied to the world of events, we speak about making the event as healthy as possible. We are not talking ecological or sustainable which, fortunately, is also fast growing, and which you can read about in this other article on sustainable events. Here we are concentrating on making the event “healthy”, to be in tune with those of us who look after ourselves on a daily basis. Stepping outside the routine, or attending an event, does not mean leaving aside the healthy aspect.

The word “healthy” does not mean “green” as often generalised. It is a way of life consisting in take more care of oneself. It is a lifestyle that means wanting to take more care of oneself. Normally, the concepts “healthy” and sustainable go hand in hand, although each means something different: healthy for us, sustainable for our surroundings.  This basically is how we can separate both meanings.

Healthy lunch for corporate events

Healthier events

In the world of events, this life style requires a fair amount of willpower because, as a general rule, neither the timetable, nor the venue, nor the food, favours or encourages a healthy lifestyle. As a simple example, the most normal coffee break is full of pastries.

To be able to offer guests, delegates and participants at your event the possibility of continuing with a healthy lifestyle (or even introduce this option to those who do not practise this lifestyle), you must be aware of certain key concepts, as follows:  


The Venue

The healthiest option is to place the event in the most naturally favourable environment possible. This will help to eliminate stress and to favour a more relaxed atmosphere. Added to which, the sensation of “stepping outside the routine” will be much more intense because not all of us spend our daily lives surrounded by trees or the sea. We try to provide a relaxing environment which, in free time, allows for walks, running, swimming, going on a hike, or any open air exercise ..

We refer to free time, but it could easily form part of the programme if you wish and it can be included in the timetable. Why not have an open air picnic instead of a classic lunch? Or take a swim on the beach with some fruit sticks rather than a typical coffee break? Informal meetings out in the countryside or on the beach are also great alternatives if, on certain sessions, audiovisual equipment is not required. New style events are not only virtual reality and illumination displays. Experiences that take us out of the normal routine in a relaxed way are very pleasant and gratifyingly remembered by all the participants.

Healthy lunch for corporate events


If we have already found the perfect natural setting for our event, finding activities is very easy. The healthiest activities are always going to be linked with a gentle sport, relaxation or even, why not? a cooking workshop with local ingredients, whose result will be an authentically healthy delicacy.

If we have chosen mountains or a very “green” area, there is a huge number of options, but the most important for us is to focus on the site. To enjoy spectacular countryside, a walking route, a descent in a canoe…. Any activity that allows us to get to know the place where we are in the healthiest and most relaxed way possible, and it will always tick the box.

If we have chosen the sea as our surroundings, a kayak ride or a yoga class on the beach for example can be perfect options to practise a sport with all colleagues, giving the day a much more relaxed and natural focus, which is our principal objective with this type of event.

Healthy activities for corporate events


When speaking of a healthy event it is imperative that the food is too, as it is one of the main protagonists in this trend. We can say goodbye to pastries, excessive fats and sugar in great quantities, and welcome fruits, vegetables, lean fish and meat. Locally sourced produce will add essential value that favours getting to know the local cuisine.

Following on from the example we gave above, the norm would be a coffee break in which we usually find all kinds of commercial pastries to go with the coffee. A healthy coffee break would be full of colour, a lot of fruit, freshly made shakes, home made sweets low in sugar, wholemeal breads, cocoa… and coffee. Of course, we cannot do without the coffee!

A fun option that tends to create a huge surprise are the healthy cooking workshops. In these workshops using local products, delicious dishes are made with 100% healthy ingredients producing exquisite results. An example would be: in Málaga, to make a delicious Gazpacho, a Málaga salad and fish baked in salt. And, of course, as we have given Málaga as an example, we must not forget sardines on a spit if we are on the beach. Nothing more healthy or tasty!

Healthy activities for corporate events

Let´s give a more natural touch to our events

For sure, to organize a healthy event is not difficult but it does need us to pay more attention when choosing the place, programme and food. We are working outside the norm so we have to be a little more demanding when choosing from all options available.  

And, of course, if you need assistance, you already know where we are. Just contact us. Easy as pie!

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