Málaga: a great destination for events

If we look for a destination that is on trend and also has a year round enviable climate we shall, without doubt, come up with Málaga. Not in vain does the coast we know have the title of Costa del Sol. And for good reason! A city that in recent years has modernized itself, dressing up to receive its visitors. And we, who have our offices here, can vouch for the ease with which we can work here. We are at 20 sunny degrees in mid Winter! Bet you would already like to come and live here. Well, you ain´t seen nothing yet, as the saying goes.

The climate and the proximity of the sea and mountains together with a city that is culturally on the up, plus high quality cuisine offer myriad possibilities to the visitor. The options to enjoy every moment of the trip are limitless. Beach and sea activities, playing sport or simply enjoying are some of the preferred options. Also, the wide range of golf courses, apart from offering breathtaking landscapes, ensures this activity is increasingly in demand. Excursions of all kinds can be arranged: culinary tastings, visits to the most cultural or most traditional corners of the province, whether by the sea or in the mountains… let your imagination run and just inquire, because Málaga has it all!


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And what about gastronomy?

A special mention must be made of the local cuisine. Málaga is known for its “pescaito”, fried fish and sardines on a spit, being the most typical. However, the gastronomy goes far beyond that. Indeed, it is one of the provinces where the greatest number of restaurants with a Michelin star can be found. Some of the best chefs in Spain have chosen the Costa del Sol to establish their businesses and to delight us with their culinary creations. A great luxury, no? But that is merely the beginning. There are options for all tastes and all pockets, from the most modern to the most traditional.

Málaga is on trend.

In 2011 the inauguration of the commercial area of the port in Málaga was a significant moment. Today it is one of the most vibrant areas of the city together with the historic quarter. Both areas enjoy a lively atmosphere during the day and at night. The reception of large cruises to the port has also been a reason to keep Málaga permanently at the forefront and which those of us who live here can enjoy every day. It doesn´t matter what time of year you come, you will find a Málaga dressed especially for you.

Málaga, a great destination for corporative events

A unique destination for events.

As a destination for events we have to emphasise what all professionals dedicated to the MICE sector are doing to keep their facilities up to date. We can categorically confirm that Málaga is investing heavily in this sector. Congress and business tourism is becoming ever more important in this city and there is a reason for it.

Málaga has an enormous variety of venues for business tourism. But not just any space, with the possibility of using spectacular venues for meetings. Of course, the Congress Palaces in Málaga and Marbella are a sound basic reference but haciendas, large or boutique hotels and, above all, museums have become the favourite venues to hold corporate events. And what about restaurants? It must not be forgotten that in this city the cuisine is ready to receive all kinds of public and any event can become that much more special when surrounded by good wine, the famous “pescaito” or the exquisite modern or traditional gastronomy that chefs and restaurants in the area strive to offer visitors.


To reach Málaga is easy. 

On the other hand, and no less important, we have to highlight the excellent communication infrastructure existing in Málaga. The airport is one of the busiest in Spain and is the most important in Andalucía. Also the high speed train, the AVE, connects Málaga to numerous cities, such as Madrid in little more than a comfortable 2 and a half hour journey. Which is why we can confirm that to reach Málaga is easy, irrespective of the mode of transport chosen. Another reason to travel to this city.

Finally, one of the most attractive reasons for choosing Málaga as a destination for events and meetings is the wide range of options on offer. Which is why in recent years this type of toursim is increasing. Every company dedicated to this sector and to tourism in general strives to meet the requirements of the most demanding client. Do not hesitate to come and get to know this destination for your event. You will take away with you thousands of ideas and be keen to return.

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