How to organise a visit to a good Winery?


In Spain wine forms part of the culture. Let´s just say that as Spaniards we are proud of the product we produce. Besides we love to enjoy it. It is something we drink to celebrate, to spend time with friends, with family. We identify it with something good. And we send out this same message to all the travellers who pass through our country and who end up catching that spirit of enjoyment with a glass of wine in their hand.

Not in vain is Spain known worldwide for its wines. It has its own identity and that distinctive wine culture which, due to the passion we dedicate to it, crosses borders. That is why we always recommend, where possible, to keep a space on the programme to visit a “bodega”.

How to choose a good winery?

Why choose a visit to a winery as an activity?

Many groups and companies holding a meeting or event in Spain, at some stage, opt to include a visit to a bodega as part of their programme, as we have already said. We know that this is a “winner” and, although it cannot always be finally included it is well received in the proposal. It is never out of fashion. Each person that goes enjoys the visit and more especially, the experience immensely.

Just last year it was a “bodega” in Jérez that won the prize for the best European wine at the Wine Star Awards. But let´s not forget there are many wineries, some very well known and others, not so well known (but no less important) and, in the majority of cases, they belong to family businesses from several generations. That is why we always say wine is culture and tradition.

How to choose a good winery

How to choose a winery?

In each region where wine is cultivated there are various bodegas that offer visits and pairing lunches or dinners for groups. The venue is made private and adapted to whatever the company needs or wishes to transmit to its participants.

With such a huge offer it is normal that at times we don´t know if we are making the right choice. Each one has something that makes it special but, when speaking of groups, for us the following are the basic points:


  • Quality of the wines. It is clear that this is one of the first things we look for. However, there are palates for all wines from a certain quality upwards. At a table full of people there will be those who prefer younger wines, others like fruity wines and yet others who opt for a lighter wine. From this base, we always start from a determined recognised quality for all.
  • This is important in all aspects and when we speak of an event even more so. We are in a venue where the participants expect to experience something different. The professionalism with which we are treated can create that difference.
  • Fundamental when we take a large number of people. We need the cuisine to adapt to dietary requirements or for timetables to be flexible to adjust to the programme, to name a couple of examples.
  • What most captures the attention is for the place to be full of tradition, for that to be the base of each pillar in the winery. We always choose “bodegas” that are able to create these sensations on entering through the door.
Organize a dinner in a winery
  • In a winery we always understand that the quality of wine takes preference over the food, but in Spain we have a gastronomy that can easily achieve the level of the highest quality wine. If you accompany that glass of wine with a good cheese or Iberian ham, or with some tapas typical to the region, we raise the experience to another level. We are not just speaking about a tasting but a pairing lunch or dinner, and then the food takes on greater protagonism because, together with the wine for each dish, they should make a perfect marriage.
  • Proximity and easy access. If we have a large group with several coaches to transport all the participants we need the bodega to have a suitable entrance. One coach is not the same as six.
  • Original activities. Some bodgas give you the option of “treading the grapes” to obtain the “mosto”. A fun activity, for sure. Grape picking can also be offered. We can even organise a more elaborate Team Building activity with an outside supplier. In that case we would use the installations of the bodega to make it more special. There are some bodegas that are more creative than others. Depending on the profile of the client we can opt for one or the other.
visit to a winery

These are the points we consider to be the most important. In any case, the majority represent an activity that as well as bringing you closer to the wine culture also brings you closer to nature. Wineries are always venues worth visiting and and take you out of the daily routine for one day.

We hope you have found this article interesting. For anything you may need do not hesitate to contact us. And don´t forget to follow us on your favourite social network. It will be great to see you there!


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