Saying goodbye to a year we are not going to miss

Another year comes to an end and we are all asking ourselves when will we get back to normality, when will we be able to hold events and meetings just as we all want to: together, without having to maintain social distancing. We say a (heartfelt) goodbye to 2020. Because this hasn´t just been any year, as we are all aware of.

What was happening and what did happen?

What was going on at the beginning of 2020? It goes without saying that the Events and Meetings sector began the year the same as 2019 ended: unstoppable, onwards and upwards. Simply, on the rise. What then happened, we all know.

Fairs and congresses got cancelled, brands annulled their incentive trips, all promotional events, launches, loyalty celebrations and networking… stopped, conventions were cancelled. The pandemic made the events and meetings sector stop suddenly. With all that this entailed. The chain of services within the MICE sector is so huge we cannot place the impact only on the venue in which the event is held.

Cancellation of events in 2020

After the shock, we have to adapt

We are not going to give ourselves a medal for belonging to a sector that is so creative that we have had a greater capacity to adapt than others because it is not true. However, it is true that we are a creative sector, but all sectors have struggled and are struggling to adapt to existing circumstances.

It is not in our style to be pessimistic so you will not find any negative forecasts here, just the opposite. The work was well done, continues to be well done, and will carry on being well done. This is an unreal year. Reality will return little by little. But, what we can do is give value to what we have learned. We can undoubtedly look back and find positives.

Covid19 in MICE sector

Shall we take stock of the events that have taken place?

A balance like we do at the end of every year we are not going to do. But we do want to go over what we have learned, which has been considerable. We have come out strengthened in terms of technology and sustainable conscience.

It must not be forgotten that many events have been held. Almost all virtually or hybrid. Some with full attendance and always with the strict safety measures required (plus some more for further precaution). But we are sure that little by little normality will return and we shall have what we have always had plus the new things. So we have gained something.

The outreach in communications has been incredible. We have become experts in regard to alternatives we have quickly offered all professionals in the sector to ensure events could be held in virtual or hybrid form. These existed, they are not new, but we all like the experience of attendance in person much more. Virtual events were not so common. Result: A huge jump in the value of this type of event.


Let’s talk about your needs to organize them successfully!

Virtual events

New products for the MICE sector

As we have said technology has saved us and allowed us to continue with our communication needs. We now have a wide knowledge of digital tools that have given rise to a large variety of products that are greatly advantageous for the sector.

It is quite clear that we are all keen to get back to attendance in person but why leave aside all those possibilities within our reach provided by these new formats? This year we have become experts in virtual and hybrid events. We can now offer that greater range and better processing or data and information in terms of engagement.

This is all equally applicable to attendance events because if we use these “new” tools as an added complement we reach a wider public.


We give in to the evidence: we need to have a greater sustainable conscience

For years we have highlighted this fact. It is now necessary to take the reins and ensure our events and trips are more sustainable. 2020 began with a welcome increase in this conscientiousness but after everything that has happened, the full lockdown, we have seen how nature itself was asking for permission to come back. We have become aware of how intrusive we have been with her.

But don´t let´s just stop there because sustainability is not only that. We have learnt to work by remote, many companies are beginning to talk more of the importance of the work-family connection. We have also seen a huge amount of solidarity, great teamwork. In a situation like this, we have helped each other like never before!

Corporate events tendencies for 2021

Let´s do an exercise in positivity

It has been a hard year for everybody. Buuuut, we can´t resist leaving you with a small reflection. Although we know that this year we all prefer to look towards the future and leave 2020 behind without a backward glance, we still have positivity in our DNA. We cannot forget that this year has also brought us some good things:

  • Many advances, as we have mentioned above, in technology and innovation
  • Long periods spent with the family
  • We have learnt to value the small things and those not so small that we used not to appreciate so much
  • We have realised that “together we are stronger”
  • We have stopped, an exercise that is not such a bad thing to do from time to time
  • And we have been met with a huge dollop of reality. Which is not so bad

As you can see .. ¡always look on the bright side and you will find it! Our objective for 2021 will be to leave distancing behind and connect once again with the human warmth we so miss. Contact will always be the stepping stone of this sector which is so keen to get back to the “excitement of the live event”.

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