Reflections in difficult times

Today we would like to share with you this small reflection on the situation we are living through. We always try to deal with matters that we believe can be of interest to everybody, in relation to our services which are based on the effort from the heart our whole team places on each event. We are a whole together, an efficient team and we love what we do. And, today, we want to speak from the heart.

We shall start to prepare articles in line with the current situation we are living through, articles that clarify immediate doubts and that, maybe by the following week could  have become obsolete, but that does not matter. The news for now is that we are beginning to see the light, it may be far off, but it is within sight. So we hope to impart good news soon, which is what we all want 🙂 


Everything passes

It is always said calm follows the storm and that “everything passes”. It will be none the less so on this occasion, of course. There are many things inherent in the human being and one of them is hope. It may sound somewhat poetic, but it is as real as life itself.

After many days of not being able to leave home, in Spain we are starting to set a foot outside. It is evident we are all anxious. We feel that those conglomerations of crowds seen in certain places are not a product of irresponsibility but a need to breathe in fresh air. With that anxiety sated the responsibility shown by Spanish society by staying at home has proven patent in the vast majority of the population.

Spain wins the battle

Sooner rather than later  

We are an outdoors culture, full of sun, interaction, enjoyment, laughter, being and making others happy. There have been so many days on which we have seen our eternal smile erased because this situation has been a human drama.  As it has been and continues to be. Here and all over the world. And here it is where not only hope but another of our qualities as human beings arises: our strength.

Nobody said it would be easy but if there is something we are in no doubt about it is that Spain, as a country, Europe, the world and, coming back to basics, our MICE industry will be what they once were, VERY SOON. And we are convinced we are not the only ones who believe this. Strength is what is needed and strength is what we have.



Deviating slightly from work we wonder at how small and, at the same time, how immense the world is when we are all as one: we are many, many people, many countries, many lives, many cultures.. It is incredible to see how fragile we humans are and, at the same time, the strength we have to fight against wind and tide.  A small error can do away with us but a small or accidental success can make us grow. How big the sky, how small we are and the oh, so important things we are capable of doing TOGETHER.

Recently, a good friend told us and, is witness to, pharmaceuticals working together for the first time to obtain that so desired vaccination. In media communication we have seen daily how so many, from anonymous individuals to large companies, are adding their grain of sand each day to help. We are together in this battle. Our small, great planet is facing a war in which we are not fighting against each other. We are fighting, united together.  

Spain wins the battle

Our conscience awakes

If we continue to deviate from the work issue we become aware of how pollution has decreased, how animals are taking over our streets when we are not there. Nature that we love so much, at times, with scant lip service, is asking for space…. Not at a murmur but crying out for it. And we are seeing it is our activity that makes pollution stress levels in nature fluctuate. We can now see that the problem of the environment can have a solution and that solution is in our hands. 

We hope that when we overcome the battle before us and, in spite of the fact that as humans, we are very capable of tripping on the same stone twice; really what we are living should leave something in our conscience. Let us learn from the moral: we know that one of our qualities is strength but, if we join together, that strength multiplies exponentially. The same as when we work in business teams, yes, the same idea but with eyes open as to how small and fragile we are.

Spain wins the battle

Our sector is very strong

We could expound outside the work issue with thousands of things that come to mind. For example, have we really learnt to value what we have? We could talk about that for hours, right? But, let us concentrate. We love our work. We have spent many years in the MICE sector, many years working with clients, suppliers, getting to know them to the extent that many of them are now friends. To day we know that it is possible that many are going to have a hard time to overcome this setback, but they will manage it. What is clear is that although many of us are competitors, we are in this together.

We want to see events, meetings, conventions, congresses set up again…. all with the measures that guarantee safety, of course, but we work in a very strong industry that cannot fail overnight. What worked before, will work again. We only have to give ouselves that necessary margin of time. Little by little, when the protocols to be taken to ensure safety are known we shall update all our suppliers. We are however, truly positive and hope to see activity resurge in the last quarter of the year. In Spain and throughout the world.

Spain wins the battle

It is not so far off

Within the industry we are a chain, within a country we are a chain, and around the world we are a chain. We do not go outside with fear, but with responsibility. We are in a safe place. We know what we are doing. There are several cities in Spain with NO CASES. We shall all soon be completely FREE. And for those of you reading this from other countries: Keep strong, stay motivated, responsibility without fear, safety. We shall all soon be FREE. We won´t have to look at each other through a device but face to face. It is not far off, just around the corner.

We send you all our best wishes to stay healthy. We are really looking forward to seeing you back here. The road was made one small step at a time, which may be long but we shall be waiting with open arms to receive you once again. Stay strong!​

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