Which are the most popular trends for Events in 2019?

 2019 is beginning and it is time to have a look at the trends for this new year. Everything is changing and we are moving at such a rapid pace that we have to constantly update. No problem! That is why we are here. To tell you what is new so you can see what is suitable for you or if, in certain aspects, you feel more comfortable following traditional ways. Tradition always works. But you have to be kept informed to see if from some of the new developments available there is an option that will suit your company and help you obtain your objectives more easily.  


New Technology for all events in  2019

New technology makes methods of communication readily available that a few years ago we could hardly imagine. In many aspects it helps our experiences become even better, more comfortable, more memorable. The experience of the guests at an event becomes more whole, leaving a mark on their attention. The variety of platforms available for use is extensive. In terms of information and connection Apps are becoming used more frequently and the tendency is increasing. Other options, such as virtual reality, can make our presentations 3 dimensional, with the ensuing impact on the guests. Other most frequently used alternatives are drones and robotic input, something that, however often we see it, always leaves us open-mouthed. And these are just a few examples.  

Trends for corporative events in 2019


Creating atmospheric spaces

Or, what is the same thing, transporting the guests mentally and physically to another world, through decoration, lighting and projection…. Intrinsically linked to the above point because to create this impression we have to use technology, in its most technical form. We refer, as an example, to playing with lights. Illumination and projection can change an atmosphere, such as from fire to ice or night to day, the sea to mountains…… on this issue imagination has no limits.  


Planning, Strategy and Measuring results

We are becoming increasingly used to analysing situations to see what we need to then plan our events in accordance with our requirements, budget and objective. This is a significant step forward as companies no longer blithely organise an event with no further thought; nowadays there is a strategy involved that goes beyond. Whether to promote a brand, increase the sense of belonging in employees, improve sales, launch a new product or give more lift to an existing one… there are numerous possible objectives which make planning necessary. Neither the same type of event or venue, nor the same technology we have spoken of previously etc….. will be the same depending on the analysis we have made regarding our requirements and objectives. On the other hand there is the importance of measuring these results. If we define the objectives but are then not able to measure whether they have been achieved or not, that is no help at all. The latest technologies provide us with this possibility which we have to take advantage of.


Culinary activities  

Something that is never out of fashion and even, at times, at the centre of the event itself. A fashion that can be adapted to new times. Culinary experiences are increasingly in demand. And, if accompanied with an activity related to wine, hugely appreciated. During any event, a pause has to be made to eat, so that moment has to be used to reach out to the guests.


Healthy habits  

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that enable us to stay healthy, even when on a trip or at an event. Many hotels have health conscious areas in their restaurants or have a gym open all day. Some even organise dawn yoga classes. Restaurants are contributing to this trend and are much more flexible in accepting and adapting to dietary requirements of guests in large or small groups. Organising an event in which healthy habits are taken into consideration will elevate you to a higher level.


Ecological and sustainable

The activities most in demand when organising a Team Building corporate event are those that contain an ecological component or something that helps us make an impact on nature. We could simply organise an excursion through the centre of town by bike! Also, when holding a meeting by offering recycled materials, coffee breaks with ecological products……. We shall find more options throughout the year as this is an element that is being introduced more regularly in the day to day of corporate events.

Trends for corporative events in 2019


To summarise, the trend for this new year is for our event to become a great experience for the guests. We have many tools to hand, we only need to know how to use them correctly.

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