Seville, an Events destination with beauty and pedigree  

Almost all of us are familiar with that song that says “Seville has a special colour”. And we can confirm that there is nothing more true. The colour and the aroma. Because that aroma of orange blossom and incense make you recognise without opening your eyes that you are in that lovely city, full of incredible, magical corners, with an architecture that takes you back to times gone by. You have arrived in Seville, a city with pedigree, that entraps you with its beauty, which has inspired more than 100 operas in the whole world.

The Andalusian capital enjoys the largest historic quarter in Spain and many of its monuments have been declared cultural sites for humanity by UNESCO. Not in vain the Gothic Cathedral in Seville is the largest in the world. The extensive city centre surrounding the catedral is a cosmopolitan area where you can enjoy a wide range of touristic and gastronomic delights. And we must not forget to mention the boroughs of  Triana or Santa Cruz, where a stroll deserves a halt to admire the deepest tradition of a city with so much history that fuses with the most modern atmosphere of a capital full of theatres, concert halls, markets…


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Sevilla, corporate events destination

A stroll around Seville

To stroll around the centre of Seville is, without doubt, a marvellous Experience. You will have felt that sensation of arriving at a city and on walking around the historic centre you look around and think “isn´t this lovely”.. And then you carry on walking and at each new corner you fall a little more in love until finally you decide you have triumphed with that chosen destination. But you also know you will return. Well, this is what happens with Seville, a BEAUTIFUL city with capital letters that spreads its enchantment and pedigree at each step.

A walk along the river at night, looking at the illuminated Torre del Oro and the Giralda, walks among the small streets in the centre where you feel the deepest essence of the city. Seville is magic, it knows that, it spreads that magic and wants to pass it on to every person that visits. The local inhabitants in the city and the tourists alike discover on a daily basis that a walk around Seville makes you smile. You turn a corner and find a pretty young girl dancing in the street next to a guitarrist, showing off the essence of her city: that enchantment and that connection with flamenco recognised the world over. Turn another corner and you sit on a terrace in the sun to enjoy a “caña” draft beer and “montadito” small filled roll, which we can assure you, hits the spot. You would not be the first person or the last to ask the cook for the recipe!


The gastronomy of Seville

Wherever you sit to eat you can enjoy traditional, typical food. But the typical in Seville is the norm and “going for tapas” is the favourite activity of its inhabitants.  

It does not matter which borough you are in, the food options are immense. The tapa culture is echoed in every corner of the city, where you can enjoy typical dishes of the area in the most traditional form or with a modern twist. Chefs who choose Seville do so knowing how to adapt perfectly that fusion between the enchantment of a magical city and the modernity required by new times. A clear example of culinary mastery that leaves nobody indifferent.

Sevilla, corporate events destination

Seville is one of the best connected Spanish cities

This Spanish city is perfectly connected by land, sea and air. The airport has one of the greatest air traffic movements in Spain. Also, the AVE, or high speed train, connects swiftly and comfortably with numerous Spanish cities. And, we must not forget the river port which receives many cruises giving another form of access for all those who want to visit this beautiful city.

On the other hand, Seville has an internal public transport system that makes it a very comfortable city to move in. Tradition and modernity blend to offer the essence of the capital in the most comfortable and accessible manner possible. The underground, the bicycle lane, the pedestrian layout of many of its most popular areas… the Andalusian capital is promoting the present and the future, pushing with all its might and enthusiasm to continue in an upward surge to become one of the most requested destinations in Spain.


The Events and Meetings sector is on the rise in Sevilla

With an offer in hotels that is not only vast but special due to the mix of tradition and trend setting, where you are always spot on, because there is always a place to take a marvellous photo. A city that is in fashion and any event held there gurantees you success surrounded by charm and history.

Long established hotels, the most modern ones, boutique hotels with their special charm, new inaugurations, estates, farms and palace houses. All this on offer together with the great professionalism of those who provide the services in each one of these establishments ensure that Seville is an ideal destination to organise events that always become Experiences.

The number of spectacular venues offered by the city is not easily matched in other destinations. Indeed, the famous series Game of Thrones has been partly shot in the ruins of the Itálica. Or we can find ourselves with a structure made completely of wood, the largest in the world, located in the centre of a city. Spectacular events can be held there.

The wide variety of facilities offered by the city has been without doubt a great help in Seville going up (and continuing to rise) in position regarding business tourism. The good climate and the undeniable monumental attraction of this Spanish city are the perfect combination to make it for this year one of the most significant destinations on a national level in the sector for organising events. Numerous inaugurations are already foreseen, particularly in hotels, to answer to the increasing demand in the MICE sector, due, without doubt, to the fact that every event, congress or convention held in this city is always successful. If Seville is a marvel as a leisure destination it is no less so as a business destination.

Sevilla, corporate events destination

A destination that does not disappoint

As well as having a strong touristic claim in its own right, Seville has made an important imprint in the world of Events and Meetings. We have already spoken and could do for hours on the beauty, magic and enchantment that is Seville. But that is not all. Everything surrounding the city, the villages, countryside are areas that daily surprise each visitor. Let´s not forget the National Park of Doñana lies at less than an hour from the city.

Sevilla is a capital of reference with history in the south of Spain. Its great patrimony, and the weight of tradition contrast with a city that adapts with elegance and trending to the most exigent demands whatever the reason for your visit. An incentive trip, a meeting… Seville is the perfect stage for your trip to be recorded as an unforgettable Experience.

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