Barcelona emerges as a favourite destination for Meetings and Events

Located between the sea and mountains, with its unique architecture, the city rises offering absolutely everything and, due to its size and beauty, is enormously agreeable to stroll around. We can say that Barcelona is, in itself, a great experience. Understandably, one of the most important Spanish cities, many things make of it a great destination, whatever the reason for your visit.  

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan capital with a climate that invites the visitor to enjoy a friendly and open city. With so much going on there is no time to get bored. Design and art each own their corner which, together with the history and architecture, create surprises and make Barcelona one of the most admired cities by the whole world.

It is widely known that the Prat Airport records one of the greatest number of passengers on a European level. Also, the airport is only 15 minutes from the centre, making that, indubitably, a point in its favour. On the other hand train connections with numerous Spanish cities, added to a very complete public transport infrastructure make Barcelona a perfect city in terms of connections and mobility.

Barcelona, meetings & events destination

A city full of contrasts   

The beauty of the Art Nouveau architecture in Barcelona make it a very picturesque city where, when strolling around, you come across those marvellously artistic nooks on each corner. As well as more than 50 museums, there are numerous art galleries showing collections by different artists who choose the capital of Barcelona to make their works known.

Barcelona is a city full of contrasts allowing you to enjoy your visit 100%: businesses, leisure, culture, gastronomy, art, sport, fashion, history, architecture, sea, mountains, tradition, trend-setting, a modern city, yet classic, dynamic, tranquil….to get to know its boroughs, eat in its restaurants… you cannot miss those unique hidden corners.  

And, speaking of Restaurants, the catalan gastronomy is the cradle of many of the great national chefs such as Ferran Adriá or the Roca brothers among others. All that spiritual mix, both traditional and innovative, found in Barcelona is also there in its cuisine. It is one of the cities up there with the greatest in the world in terms of quality, variety and diversity in its gastronomical offering. The sheer number of Restaurants in the city is surprising as well as being of great quality. And if we speak of events there is a really wide range of venues in which to enjoy the fantastic cuisine and always in a personalised way.

Barcelona, meetings & events destination

The preferred city for Events and Meetings  

Barcelona has established itself as the preferred Spanish city of Europeans to hold events and meetings. The variety of venues and hotels, both modern and traditional, give a result which is a city that has spent years at the forefront of the top spot on the world stage in terms of business tourism. In Europe, only London is ahead of Barcelona as a MICE destination for this year. Indeed, 2 years ago, it was the city that held the most international congresses throughout Europe. In the vast majority of rankings that are drawn up each year by agencies and organizations within the MICE sector it is rare if Barcelona does not appear among the top spots.

We are speaking of a city that does not stop evolving and adapts easily to the changes demanded by the meetings market. The large number of congresses held have given it fluidity and experience over the years which, complemented with the extensive public transport network, allows the city to be a perfect host. But we are not speaking only of congresses. Meetings and incentives tourism considers Barcelona as one of the main headquarters. To the full infrastructure of the Barcelona capital we have to add an ideal climate that allows, even further, if possible, to enjoy a city full of charming corners.  

The MICE sector has placed great confidence in this modern ever growing capital making it the receptor of a huge quota of events and meetings in the last few years. And Barcelona does not disappoint. It continues to be in the top ten and that is due to something. The internal work of the professionals in the sector is constant particularly where innovation is involved. Without doubt Barcelona is a destination that guarantees success when holding any type of event.   

Barcelona, meetings & events destination

Mix of tradition and cutting edge

It is worth mentioning that the city of Barcelona has been the first to obtain a Biosphere Certificate, which guarantees good environmental management and concern for promoting sustainable tourism. They have known how to maintain an undeniable touristic quality as well as opting for sustainability. To find this balance is not easy but neither is it impossible, and in Barcelona we have a clear example of this.

With one foot based on tradition and the other cutting edge, the Barcelona capital has fused a point of union, making it one of the most visited destinations on a world wide level. The proximity of the beach and greatness and richness of the city itself have helped Barcelona win the admiration of the whole world. It promotes itself as a tourist brand that never disappoints. Which is why, as we have commented on above, it has become not only the preferred destination for leisure trips but the expert and favourite capital when referring to Meetings and Events tourism.  The level of quality is one of its major assets. It will always be a city that, with the guarantee of success, we can offer to you to hold any type of corporate trip or event.

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