DMC Sevilla - Corporate Events Management in Spain


The song says: “Sevilla has a special colour” and there is nothing so true. We can describe it as a beautiful city, full of incredible, magical nooks and with an architecture that transports you back in time. Sevilla has enchantment and it entraps you. Walking along the river at night, seeing an illuminated Torre del Oro & Giralda, strolling between narrow streets in the centre where you can experience the true essence of the city.

Wherever you sit down to eat you will be able to enjoy typical traditional gastronomy. But what is typical to Sevilla is normal. Tasting tapas is the favourite pastime of its inhabitants. With a more than ample range of hotels that is special due to the mix of traditional and more avantguard styles, Sevilla gets it right every time.

There is always a place to take that fabulous photo. Sevilla in on trend and any event you hold in this city guarantees resounding success, drenched in charm and history.

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