DMC Malaga - Corporate Events Management in Spain


A city that in recent years has used its rich heritage to immediately capture those who visit for the first time. It has a special aura. With the centre just by the sea, life is permanently caressed by the sea breeze. Málaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and is faithful to its title. An enviable climate, with the number of sun hours throughout the year vastly more than average, it is a cosy city, easy to get around and stretching along the cost. Enjoy gastronomy dictated by the sea, with tastes of the land and its wine. 

The streets are redolent of history. Málaga has become a point of reference for the museums for which it is becoming increasingly famous due to the high quality exhibits shown in each one. Moreover, it has an extremely wide range of hotels, gastronomy and leisure activities. When speaking of the MICE sector capacity has increased enormously in the last few years. Málaga is a city on the up, in fashion and endearing to its visitors.

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