DMC Mallorca - Corporate Events Management in Spain


Mallorca is one of the best communicated cities in Spain. An island, its attraction makes it one of the main Spanish destinations, hence its wide range of connections by air. The airport is the third busiest in our country and without doubt there is a reason for this. Mallorca offers everything. An island where nothing is missing.

Cradle to some of the largest hotel chains with the widest international range, easily observed in what is on offer, capable of satisfying the touristic needs of all kinds of public, from families relaxing on holiday to the most demanding congress. It is a city prepared for anything. It is also a very lively island, with an atmosphere to suit all tastes.

Distances are short but offer a wide variety. A great city in constant evolution chosen to hold an enormous number of events which makes it the venue where experience and excellence are the day to day norm.

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