Virtual reality in the world of events

When we speak of Virtual Reality, we refer to the representation in either scenes or images of objects produced by a technological system giving the sensation of real existence. It is the immersion of the senses, either all senses or some, in surroundings whether real or not, that we can perceive thanks to certain basic elements: virtual reality glasses, earphones for sound…..This is a technological trend that is starting to be used in many areas of communication. As we always say, events are one of the best tools of communication for companies and, therefore, to rely on this type of tendency is always a success providing it is correctly designed.  


Why should virtual reality be considered in the world of events?

Virtual reality is a form of technological innovation whose main objective is the creation of a world or ficticious stage in which the person submerged in the experience can be the protagonist or form part of that scene.

Nowadays one on the things we most value when organising an event is to stand out above the rest. It does not mean that if we are holding 3 days of meetings with activities each day we have to stand out 100% of the time. This could be exhausting for both the company and for the guests. It involves introducing elements that provide a distinction which, as it is personalised, is always going to make the difference in the customary programme of a corporate event.  

Virtual reality in the world of events

It is when searching for innovation that we come across virtual reality. The main characteristic of these activities is the huge curiosity they inspiredue to the exceedingly high factor of the unknown that prevails on this subject. This is a point in favour inasmuch that all those present at the time of presenting the activity are going to react in a very positive way because they are experienceing something different. And, even if the guests have tried it before, as the activities are so personalised these are always going to be considered a new experience.

When choosing virtual reality to put across our message we make the spectator a fundamental part of the message itself. The participant decides how and where to look, how to move or which part of the projection interests them or impresses them the most. To put it more clearly, just imagine going “inside” a videogame or, if we have a simulator to hand: you “drive” a racing car. The immersion experience is incredible.

Virtual reality in the world of events

How do we include virtual reality in a corporate event?

The most important thing when choosing which way to introduce virtual reality into an event is to have a clear idea of the theme and what it is exactly that we want to highlight with the virtual reality activity. From there we can develop the chosen theme. It is also important to know if the activity is to be offered to all the participants together or whether it will be from a stand to which they will gradually have access.

What we are going to offer our guests is a specifically designed immersion experience. This type of technology will be used increasingly in events that have nothing to do with technology. It is a way of “being there” at an experience which, under other circumstances, would be exceedingly costly. We cannot take 500 delegates to glide in a balloon above Sevilla in order to see the city in a different light, to give a simple example, but we can offer it to all of them, all at the same time even, via virtual reality.


The most common uses of virtual reality at events

As we say virtual reality is a very powerful tool that allows us to put ourselves in the skin of another person or live incredible experiences without moving from where we are.  We suddenly become protagonists of history.

For the presentation of a product it is a great tool that allows any type of product to be brought closer to the audience. We have to take into consideration that via virtual reality we cannot taste a product unless we coordinate it in such a way that it can be tried in situ at the same time the participant is enjoying the experience. Or we can provide the aroma in the venue if our product benefits from highlighting a particular smell. When the subject is a car, for example, the use of simulators is very positive. And, if we are at the promotion of a videogame, what better than a personal experience within the very videogame!  

Really, we can include virtual reality in any type of event. It doesn´t matter if it has nothing to do with out product. It may be that we only want to offer an experience. If our company sells drinks, how about offering our guests a paradisiacal beach party where they can try our drink? Or, if our product is sports shoes, what about a virtual walking route with marvellous landscapes? Or it may be that, whatever the product, we want to offer the participants a visit flying over the city where we are located. These are only examples. Imagination has no limits and specifically, virtual reality allows us to turn into reality anything we imagine.

Virtual reality in the world of events

A surprising ally

For sure, virtual reality is gaining weight in the market becoming an increasingly accesible tool. The use of drones to record videos that form part of the development of these activities give the participant a new point of view that they certainly have not been able to see before. Use of virtual reality in marketing is increasingly normal which is why we are seeing it at many types of events. Virtual reality is the present and the future, allowing us to live experiences and sensations without moving from the venue.  

And all of this is just a drop in the ocean. The possibilities are infinite. Using a specialist professional with the proper material is indispensable for the successful development of this type of innovative activity. If you are interested in this option but not sure how to adapt it to your events, contact us. We can help you find the perfect theme and mise en scéne to achieve all your objectives.

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