Tastings and samplings, activities increasingly in demand

Tasting and sampling is to appreciate via the senses those products we are trying. At that moment the activity captures all our attention while we try to recognise all those nuances  that the professional involved in the technique invites us to search for, and to then comment on aloud. This way we approach the sensorial characteristics of each product we are sampling.

When searching to experience more closely something we are not familiar with, this activity draws us near to the product we are interested in. Samplings are also a fun activity and a very gratifying personal experience that each participant lives first hand. Which is why it is always interesting and successful to consider including this type of alternative in our programme for incentives, meetings or any type of event where it will fit in.


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catas tasting for events

Sampling of a product as part of a corporate programme

Many things can be sampled, there is a huge number of products on offer. But when we visit a place we do not know (or which we know but whose culture we find captivating) the normal thing is to test those sensations that belong explicitly to that culture. We can also transmit messages via the products that are related to our brand image. The service, of course, must always adhere to the remit of each client, adapting it to their requirements and objectives.

It is not the same to simply wish to gift our employees something we know they are going to like about the destination, as to wish to transmit certain messages to some guests who are going to become ambassadors for a product or service. In both cases, samplings are an ideal activity, certainly, but the type of sampling will definitely vary. In this way we can adapt to the message of the company.

catas tasting for events

What does a sampling consist of?

Whatever the product the procedure tends to be the same. A sampling or tasting of a particular product for a group of people tends to proceed in the following manner:


  • Positioning of the participants. Each person has their own space so that the experience is as personal and individual as possible. 
  • The basic characteristics are explained for the product we are going to sample/taste and how we should try it to take advantage of the sensation as much as possible. 
  • Proceeding with the tasting/sampling. Each product is presented correctly. Neither the presentation or the receptacle in which it is presented is casual. The ideal accessory is always selected to ensure easy perception of all those nuances we wish to appreciate from the product. 
  • Once sampled, we can express our opinion accordingly, and we shall see if it coincides with what the specialist has explained to us at the beginning of the activity.
catas tasting for events

Types of samplings/tastings

As we have said, samplings can be done with innumerable products or foods. We are going to describe the most usual that tend to work well for groups and events:


  • Wine tasting. If you are looking for a wine experience in Spain, a country with a widely recognised wine culture, this is a great option. Not in vain is this one of the options most in demand and with the greatest success. All those participating always enjoy it. Learning how to appreciate the colour, aroma and taste of the wines presented is a fun experience that tends to accompany a visit to a particular winery. Also, normally, wine tastings tend to be accompanied by typical “tapas” from the area where the winery is located. 
  • Oil tasting. In a country like Spain where olive oil is one of its greatest assets and star products, various types of oil can be sampled that are quite literally authentic gastronomic marvels. These are products with powerful flavours that are very agreeable to the palate. The activity is usually accompanied by a good selection of artisan breads and is usually very well received by the participants. Many people are unaware that a product like oil can have so many nuances and so many diverse flavours. 
  • Cheese and cold meat tastings. These are further star products from many Spanish regions. Normally these products tend to be accessories to a wine tasting. But they can become the stars of a lunch programme. In this way the various Spanish cheeses and cold meats become the centre of the lunch activity and will always be accompanied by a good wine. A further selection of oils and artisan breads can be included. We can turn the activity into a very Spanish style lunch that will definitely be enjoyed greatly by the participants. 
  • Sampling of aromas. This type of sampling is chosen more when the company wishes to transmit something. The company is looking to leave an olfactory mark on the guests and for that smell to be forever associated with the brand. From that day on, whenever one of the participants smells that aroma, albeit in another context, they will remember the brand. This type of activity can also be used as a game in which to learn to recognise the product we have in front of us through blind sampling. 
  • Tasting of Spanish beers. In Spain there are numerous companies producing craft ales. Not one of the better known Spanish products, but well worth stopping to taste the nuances that beers produced in Spain offer. These tastings can be done in the factories where the beer is manufactured as part of the activity to learn the whole production process. It can also be offered as a short activity as an aperitif before a lunch or dinner.
catas tasting for events

So many things can be tried

Cerainly we could continue explaining many more alternatives but we have concentrated on the 4 options most in demand. If we stop to look at things or foods that are most typical or are most well known in Spain, or even separating products by region, the list would be almost interminable. We must not forget the quality of the vermouth, cocktails, rices, sweets, breads, coffee, chocolate, turrón (nougat) shellfish, spices, omelette, peppers, citric fruits etc… By this we mean that if from the 4 main options above you do not find your ideal option we can help you to find another product to be adapted to what you are looking for.

The idea is to offer an entertaining activity that helps you to disconnect and these type of themed events are a guarantee of a personal or group experience that always work. This is one of the activities most in demand when organising any type of event. Don´t forget they can be fully personalised and from a basic idea which, in itself guarantees success, diverse activities and experiences can be created.

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