Safety & Health: the indisputible protagonists of 2020  

At the beginning of the year we were speaking about how technology was continuing to strongly make its mark and was becoming the protagonist of this year 2020, together with sustainability. Suddenly, everything took an unexpected turn and yes, technology and sustainability continue to form part of our lives, undoubtedly, but they have been cast aside by 2 new actors that have taken front stage and have come to stay.

Safety and health are, today, the pillars on which we base all our decisions. We are incapable of making plans without placing both these concepts first. And so it should be, in view of what has happened. How is it we have never before given them the attention they deserved? Put simply, the world as we know it today, is too centred on other things. It is true safety has been reinforced in recent years, but not focussed on health as we look at it now we are enveloped in the Covid 19 pandemic: the “attack” on our mobility has never been so direct.

Spain is a safe destination

Safety in the MICE sector

Speaking of our own sector in the MICE industry (although the same could be said of any other sector), all companies are working conscientiously for their establishments and services to be perfectly prepared for imminent opening (many of which are already up and running). All people and companies involved have designed, in a coordinated manner, the use of very strict protocols to be able to guarantee that level of safety we all expect.

We are recuperating or beginning to recover certain activities in those countries most affected and we are aware of the sensitivity both on an individual level and directed towards others. Destinations, both short term and medium term, will be the same but with limits: our wish is to maintain all the charm that characterises our country, satisfying the safety requirements of the client (which is also our need). We are no longer selling sun and sand, infrastructure, technology, culture… Now we have to go beyond: hygiene, cleanliness, disinfection, a clear protocol, absence of crowding…. these must all play an essential part. All this is now on the table when choosing a destination.

Spain is a safe destination

Spain is now winning the battle  

It is evident that the fact that Spain has sadly been one of the countries with greatest contagion, has also made the country gain the most considerable experience. And  experience helps you to anticipate events, and to know how to foresee what, until now, was unknown.

Spain, opening up on a gradual basis is also becoming a safe place. There are, to date, many cities with NO cases of Covid 19, and we are writing this article in May. We are sure that if you read it, for example, in July, we shall be a country free of Covid (call us to give you an exact update on the city you are interested in).

In Spain now, safety and health are paramount. The experience we are speaking about has left its mark (very painfully, in some cases) all over the country, and this translates into responsibility and conscientiousness.

Spain is a safe place

And what about meetings?

In due course we shall keep you informed in detail of the situation regarding every aspect and city. However, speaking of events and meetings we can anticipate there will be special emphasis on safety distancing, accommodation of venues, hygiene, management of queues or areas which we already know are more susceptible to creating crowding (check in, picking up credentials….) Fortunately, in Spain our climate is always a plus which enables us to carry out many activities in the fresh air, with more space. Also, technology, which we have spoken so much about, will allow us to anticipate many of those conflictive areas we have commented on.

It is true there is a lot of uncertainty. So many things have happened in the last 2 months and we do not know what can happen in the coming months.  We cannot place a date on when travelling will be as it was, although we do know all of this is a temporary situation. We shall never forget this intrusion into our lives whatever sector we are in.   But life continues to be there to be lived. We shall travel, conscientiously, safely, with hygiene, with empathy and health. And our MICE sector is more than prepared to get started offering all guarantees.  

Spain is a safe destination

Spain is recovering its shine

Remember this: Spain is a country with experience, fully prepared to halt a possible second onslaught. Everything that has happened, is not going to happen again. Because we love our country, because we live from Tourism, because we enjoy our work, because we want to share with you this marvellous place, full of life.

Because life goes on, at another pace, with a different focus, but it continues. Other things become more important. We have been given a beating that has left nobody indifferent. Nobody, anywhere in the world. Empathy with our clients is now more important than ever. If we have always received you with affection, never more so than now. We send you our best wishes for good health for all. We hope to see you here soon!

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