What has been most successful and original in 2018?

A year full of events and satisfaction is drawing to a close. Time to take stock and fortunately our result is positive. We wish to share with you the things that have worked best, the most original events or those we have liked most and have been most repeated throughout this year, 2018.


Creating an atmosphere

Through playing with lights, projections, music and decoration we can “transport”  guests to another place. In all of the events at which this show has been presented at one of the dinners the result has been impressive. For example, the theme of contrasting ice and fire which we had at one of our events in Marbella was really striking. Another example is the Casino Night which we held in a Museum in Málaga. It was great fun and we managed to keep the guests fully attentive to what was going on around them.  


Greater technology at meetings   

This is an area that began growing at the beginning of 2018 and continues on the up for 2019. Technology that creates communication between the guests is increasingly on the rise. The greatest success has been the Apps to keep guests fully informed and which can also be interactive. 


Search for different restaurants

We all know that culinary experiences are the fashion and much in demand. But to find different restaurants, that are original, impressive and offer you that special experience is perhaps more complicated. This year we have managed to excel in surprises with restaurants located on the top floor of buildings with spectacular views over cities, restaurants whose access can only be made by boat or even restaurants located on boats, just to cite some of the examples.

The best and most original in events 2018

Team activities linked to new technology

We are making more and more use of new technology thanks to the range of possibilities offered. One of the most successful activities from 2018 has been to get to know a city using mobile Apps. It is great fun and allows you to reach areas which on a traditional excursion is not possible. And as we are speaking about ways of getting to know a city the use of segways and electric bikes have also been much in demand this year.


Lunches or dinners with wine as the protagonist

This is something that we, as Spaniards, love, and it is not surprising that those who come from afar catch on to our passion for wine. Traditional tastings, wine pairings that allow you to try wines which in other circumstances you would not get to know, visits to wineries,….. are activities that, although traditional, are always a “must” event in Spain.


Visits to monuments, but not just any visit

Reserving a monument like the Alhambra for a private visit at night is not something that is done every day. It is such a magical place that it always creates an impact on all the guests. And the Alhambra is not the only place where such a special visit can be made. The Reales Alcazares in Seville, as a further example, was also used this year to create a spectacular event. Visiting a monument at night really makes the visit magical  and different.

The best and most original in events 2018

Different excursions 

This year we have created a variation in the Tours around cities which has been very successful. We have focussed more on a deeper knowledge of the destination. Not in the amount of knowledge but into reaching more traditional areas where locals live. As well as providing access to monuments and the most emblematic sights of each destination we have taken a further step for the guest to get to know first hand the customs of the area visited.


The beach is always a pleasure

Most specifically Beach Clubs. In Spain we are lucky to offer a broad range of this type of restaurant which apart from offering good, modern cuisine usually have a very select décor, in a privileged location. Exclusive reservation of one of these Beach Clubs has also been one of the most successful Gala Dinner options. Being able to arrive directly by boat for a lunch at one of these restaurants delights everybody!



Speaking of boats we must not forget the catamaran. Classical, we know, but it always works. With small or large groups and in several different cities. It must be said that all the activities organised near the sea or on the sea are successful!



Classical Spanish continues to be most in demand, from the flamenco group to the guitarist along with the horse show. We must not forget that those who come to get to know Spain want to join in fully with the ambiance. We are speaking once again of living the experience. On the other hand there are many clients who, apart from the traditional, also want to produce the WOW factor in their guests. To this effect the most sophisticated jugglers are those who have succeeded this year.

Finally, it has been a year full of good memories. All the events were exceptional and we are delighted to have been able to help prepare them, and thank all those clients who have confided in us. Now we have to gather our strength for this next year, 2019! If you want to read about what is in trend, do not miss our article about trends for events in 2019.

We hope you have found this article interesting and please do not hesitate to contact us for anything you may need!

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