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In BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication, we know that with so much to say about each one of these cities it is difficult to summarise that special ingredient of each one. Don´t forget to ask us for more information because this is only a tidbit of what each of these capitals has to offer. And remember, Spain is much more, take a risk and get to know other areas such as Huelva, Sierra de Cazorla, Santander, Toledo, La Manga, La Rioja, Vigo and many more examples of unknown places that are perfectly adept for your trip to be unforgettable. Discover Spain and with it discover the surefire success of your event.  


Barcelona - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Between the sea and mountains with a backdrop of unique architecture there lies Barcelona. We know it is a magnificent city, of that there is no doubt. It has everything to offer: culture, sea, infinite leisure choices, great public transport, good flight connections, a wide ranging gastronomy for all tastes, events of all kinds, we could go on with an interminable list. Barcelona itself is a great experience, to which must be added an enviable climate. To lose yourself in its old quarters, dine in its restaurants, you cannot miss the hidden gems…. And what if we speak about work? Barcelona is one of the best equipped cities in Spain in regard to hotel infrastructure catering to the MICE profile as well as being an incredible venue where to hold meetings and corporate events. You cannot go wrong with Barcelona.


Madrid - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Enveloped in an ever increasing cosmopolitan atmosphere, Madrid emerges as one of the great European capitals whatever the purpose of your visit. Madrid is on trend, mixing ample cultural options and making it a city that does not leave anybody indifferent. You will always want to return, there is always something more to see or do. Merely on its cultural merit it is worth visiting this city, but one of the things that most delights is its active nightlife, full of theatres, cafés, terraces… a life that made it famous many years ago. Supremely well connected by air, a pioneer in the construction of the AVE, the high speed train that connects Madrid to numerous other Spanish cities to allow you to combine it comfortably with other destinations, if that is part of your plan. In this beautiful city, full of terraces, with an enviable gastronomy at an international level, you will find absolutely everything to hold an unforgettable meeting or event.


Málaga - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

A city that in recent years has used its rich heritage to immediately capture those who visit for the first time. It has a special aura. With the centre just by the sea, life is permanently caressed by the sea breeze. Málaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and is faithful to its title. An enviable climate, with the number of sun hours throughout the year vastly more than average, it is a cosy city, easy to get around and stretching along the cost. Enjoy gastronomy dictated by the sea, with tastes of the land and its wine. The streets are redolent of history. Málaga has become a point of reference for the museums for which it is becoming increasingly famous due to the high quality exhibits shown in each one. Moreover, it has an extremely wide range of hotels, gastronomy and leisure activities. When speaking of the MICE sector capacity has increased enormously in the last few years. Málaga is a city on the up, in fashion and endearing to its visitors.


Puerto Banús, Marbella - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Marbella is one of the areas of greatest tourist attraction on the Costa del Sol.  Directed towards the luxury market with a gastronomy and leisure sector that can more than hold its own with a large city, it boasts a wide range of top quality restaurants, many with a Michelin star. The local gastronomy is highlighted by its use of fusion cooking due to the commitment by great chefs who daily strive to offer innovative food to diners who visit this lovely town. Dining is indeed a great experience here. It has also become a paradise for lovers of golf. And we must not forget to mention its old quarter, beaches, huge range of leisure activities, hotels perfectly equipped for the MICE sector. Marbella has everything you could wish for in a luxury destination next to the sea.


Bilbao - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

The inauguration of the Guggenheim Museum in 97 put Bilbao on the international map. A modern city by the sea and full of green landscapes. And, of course, no visit to Bilbao is complete without a stroll around the Pintxos route, taking in some great wines, another attraction in this charming city. In spite of its urban transformation which has placed it on the world stage as a modern city it retains a culture that is prevalent in the atmosphere.  Bilbao has some identity traits that make it unique. It has transformed itself from an industrial capital into a city identified with design and modernity. With a huge infrastructure for holding events and meetings that enjoy that stamp of distinction provided by the architecture in this emblematic city.

San Sebastián

San Sebastián - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Situated in a natural setting that gives it a magical light, combining green landscapes with the blue of the sea. These landscapes will not leave you feeling indifferent. It is a simply gorgeous city. Renowned internationally for its high quality gastronomy, cradle of great Michelin stars. It is worth taking in its restaurants not merely for a simple lunch or dinner but to enjoy a fully gratifying gastronomic experience you will not forget. It is a city full of exceptional places, totally dedicated to progress. Whatever you are looking for you will find it and, what is more, you will love it. It is a city intending to surprise and enamour its visitors. In terms of business tourism San Sebastián provides an infrastructure that offers the best solutions. No detail will be lacking. 


Valencia - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Valencia has become an emblematic city as a destination in which to hold all kinds of events. The city of arts and sciences is a place where you will lack for nothing. An astounding city. Together with many other, more coveted, destinations in Spain Valencia is a modern and cosmopolitan city located next to the sea. This gives it a double charm, enriching its gastronomy that is not only about is famous rice dishes. If we prepare a trip to Valencia you cannot leave without trying its magnificent paella, but you will be spoilt for choice among the varietes of this famous dish. Valencia is surprising. A city that when you come on business, you will want to return on holiday.


Alicante - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

The town of Alicante, as well as being a renowned tourist area, has known how to adapt to become a fantastic place to hold events and meetings. A huge range of hotels and numerous leisure activities combined with a magnificent climate, Alicante is an option with a special charm. Sublime beaches, promenades, streets, villages, some modern and others more traditional, that all offer images of great beauty. From the unexpected high rise in Benidorm to the smallest coastal villages full of local colour, the locals receive visitors with their broadest smiles. Fully prepared to provide the best service to clients who are looking for a business trip destination, Alicante will leave you wanting to return on holiday to enjoy its sparkling sea waters in a relaxed atmosphere beneath a sun that shines almost all year round. 


Sevilla - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

The song says: “Sevilla has a special colour” and there is nothing so true. We can describe it as a beautiful city, full of incredible, magical nooks and with an architecture that transports you back in time. Sevilla has enchantment and it entraps you. Walking along the river at night, seeing an illuminated Torre del Oro & Giralda, strolling between narrow streets in the centre where you can experience the true essence of the city. Wherever you sit down to eat you will be able to enjoy typical traditional gastronomy. But what is typical to Sevilla is normal. Tasting tapas is the favourite pastime of its inhabitants. With a more than ample range of hotels that is special due to the mix of traditional and more avantguard styles, Sevilla gets it right every time. There is always a place to take that fabulous photo. Sevilla in on trend and any event you hold in this city guarantees resounding success, drenched in charm and history.


Granada - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Granada is a city located between the snows of Sierra Nevada, (with the highest peak of the Iberian peninsula), and the sparkling sea waters of the coast. Highly influenced by Arabic architecture Granada is a city oozing history and enchantment in every nook of its streets. The majesty that is the Alhambra with its captivating views of the city is, without doubt, one of its major attractions. The streets of its most famous quarter, el Albaicín, with its lively inhabitants will ensure you get to see the most traditional side of this magical city. As a destination for events Granada is special yet unknown by many. Hotels located from the snow down to the sea, not to mention the Arabic architecure, lend a very particular touch to your event. That same touch allows you to enjoy each one of the leisure activities offered by this so varied city. Granada is capable of transporting your event to another era, a magical city that will not disappoint.


Mallorca - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Mallorca is one of the best communicated cities in Spain. An island, its attraction makes it one of the main Spanish destinations, hence its wide range of connections by air. The airport is the third busiest in our country and without doubt there is a reason for this. Mallorca offers everything. An island where nothing is missing. Cradle to some of the largest hotel chains with the widest international range, easily observed in what is on offer, capable of satisfying the touristic needs of all kinds of public, from families relaxing on holiday to the most demanding congress. It is a city prepared for anything. It is also a very lively island, with an atmosphere to suit all tastes. Distances are short but offer a wide variety. A great city in constant evolution chosen to hold an enormous number of events which makes it the venue where experience and excellence are the day to day norm.


Ibiza - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Ibiza will undoubtedly bring added value to your event. A place where the most exclusive luxury blends with the most alternative beaches. A philosophy that invites you to disconnect totally from the day to day. A modern island that has become one of the preferred destinations for internationally renowned celebrities of all kinds. This is due, without doubt, to the capacity that Ibiza has had to become a cosmopolitan town but imbued with tradition which means it never stops surprising us. The beaches surrounding the island are exquisite. The sea beckons, inviting you to rent one of the numerous pleasure craft available to visitors specially for that reason, to disconnect and let yourself be transported by the charm of the unknown. As a business destination Ibiza certainly is a city of contrasts, a place where you can definitely surprise your guests. Allow yourself to be enraptured by the “soul” of this island that has half the world captivated.


Tenerife - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Tenerife is one of the Spanish islands most chosen on an international level to spend a totally disconnected holiday. Certainly a place where time goes by differently, there is no option but to relax. Get into the slow rhythm that invites you to live for the moment. Amiable, constantly smiling inhabitants will make you feel at home and yearning to return. As a business destination, the huge offer of hotels strives daily to be a leader and at the forefront of the most advanced requirements in terms of infrastructure and technology. From north to south it seems there are two different islands. An ideal scenery to offer your guests a mixture of experiences which will make your trip unforgettable.  


Cádiz - BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication

Cádiz is a calm city, unknown but with a lot to offer. Dreamy beaches with fine, white sand. Sundown is the key to that unforgettable souvenir moment to remind you of this unique natural enclave. As a golf destination it is one of the most highly appreciated for its range of great quality courses. As a business destination Cádiz will certainly surprise your guests as an unknown venue with so much charm and tradition. Almost unspoilt, the province of Cádiz offers a wide range of activities, restaurants, special places, that are traditional and charming, well equipped hotels that are real works of art dedicated to your enjoyment and leisure. Highlighting the range of actitivites are all those related to enjoying the countryside, such as horse back riding along kilometres of beaches, kitesurfing competitions in Tarifa and surrounding areas, a top quality venue for this attraction. This is certainly a destination that is demanding towards itself and has a lot to offer visitors looking for somewhere different to hold their event.


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