One of the most beautiful cities in the world becomes a MICE destination: Get to know Granada

Granada is a city in Andalucía that, even today, is still unkown to many in spite of its great beauty and history.  With a cultural background of incalculable value, this city houses in its territory inimitable monuments such as the Alhambra. Magic, history, wizardry and beauty are to be found among its streets and its marvellous and varied landscapes.


Granada, one of the key cities in Andalucía

Andalucía is one of the main MICE destinations in Spain, and Granada is at the forefront of this increasing demand in terms of infrastructure, technology, communication and options for groups, with a Congress Palace and a range of top quality hotels and restaurants on offer. No less important is the number of possibilities offered to visitors: museums, concerts, culture, monuments, gastronomy, sport, sea/mountain or city activities…. Granada offers a continuous mix of Experiences capable of satisfying the most demanding clients.

In regard to access both its own airport and the one in Málaga serve to reach Granada. The high speed train is also available as a comfortable alternative. A medium sized city it is easy to get around on public transport. Another point in its favour.

Granada as a MICE destination

The attraction of Granada as a city

Granada may not be known around the world but the Alhambra acts as an international representative for one of the most admired monuments and a declared heritage site. Not in vain is it one of the most visited monuments in Spainand not by chance. The majesty of this original Moorish construction has made all those who are lucky enough to visit, fall in love with it. The views to be appreciated when wandering around the Alhambra show Granada as a province that leaves nobody feeling indifferent. Moorish roots intermingling strongly with flamenco lend the city magic and a personality that act as a tourist magnet.

Located between the sea and mountains Granada offers landscapes as varied as they are attractive. From the highest mountain in the peninsula to the Tropical Coast we can enjoy sea and snow with only a few kilometres in between. The ski season at Sierra Nevada is one of the most important in Spain, enjoying also pleasant temperatures throughout the year and making it very attractive for this sport in the mountains from November to April.

The city enjoys such an agreeable climate it is not difficult to imagine why tourism is so popular throughout the year. Culture, monuments, rural tourism, snow, sports, sun and beaches, meetings, events……Granada is also a young city with a keen university atmosphere.  This keeps it up to date in the latest trends and technology.

Granada as a MICE destination

MICE tourism is showing strongly in Granada

We must not forget to comment on something that probably interests everybody we reach with this article. And that is MICE tourism in Granada continues to grow. Little by little thanks to the efforts of companies dedicated to this sector in promoting their product the city has, over the years, shown itself to be an ideal and new headquarters for Events and Meetings tourism. Indeed in recent years Granada has staged numerous renowned international congresses, with enormous success.   

On the other hand we can highlight the fact that a large percentage of those participants at those congresses, meetings and events return to visit the city, because they are left with the wish to experience more. Which means, MICE tourism serves to launch leisure tourism, a field in which Granada is already in a strong position.

Granada as a MICE destination

A different cuisine

The “tapa” culture is widely known in this Andalusian city. One of its most popular activities for which it is renowned and has been signficant in attracting tourism. For many years, the “tapeo” has been and continues to be the pride of the city. The young have helped to reinforce this tradition, and the innovation in the evolution of its cuisine has ensured that their tapas have become a brand of inimitable quality, offering an unimaginable plethora of options.

For sure the tapeo is the most typical cuisine in Granada, but we must not forget that its location between sea and mountain provides a wide range of options to offer the visitor. Add in its tradition and Moorish roots together with its Andalusian character and you have a local cuisine with a special touch that is difficult to find in other regions. That mix of origins gives us that special charm in a cuisine both traditionalist and avant garde, found from the most modest inn to top haute cuisine.

Granada as a MICE destination

Unique landscape

The city of Granada is one of the most beautiful in the world. Full of history, Granada is, today, a modern, young, cultural cosmopolitan city totally equipped to satisfy the requirement of leisure and business tourism.

The singularity of its surroundings, monuments, landscapes and spaces provide us with the key to organize any type of event in a magical atmosphere, always with success.

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