Bilbao, a destination of reference for Business Tourism

Bilbao, a cosmopolitan and pleasingly welcoming city, can count on more than 700 years of history. Long-standing tradition tied to innovation, business drive and development have given the city an international prestige that, today, is widely trusted.

The transformation of Bilbao with the opening of the Guggenheim Museum in 1997 has been the subject of a study as well as being awarded several international prizes. European City of 2018, the architecture in Bilbao has always been linked to a special meaning. 

Bilbao as a MICE destination

A perfect destination for events and meetings

Tradition and the avant garde live side by side in harmony among its streets. The strong commitment to sustainability, its image linked with entrepreneurship, the infrastructure and range of offers for events and meetings are only some of the attributes that make Bilbao a perfect destination for MICE activity.  

Even in its early days as an interesting destination in the meetings, incentives and events sector, the Congress Palace in the city was named the best in the world by the International Association of Congress Palaces. This Palace, which also houses the Bilbao Opera, can hold up to more than 4.000 people. As with many buildings in the city it has been constructed by renowned architects who, in this case, have given rise to an impressive building inspired by a boat.

Bilbao as a MICE destination

A city at the forefront of technology

The high technological capacity of this city is also one of the points in its favour. The Basque Country comprises a network of science, technology and innovation composed of 3 Universities, 4 Technological Parks and 25 Research Centres. This is confirmed by its well known trend toward innovation and for being at the forefront in all fields. Bilbao also forms part of the Innpulse Network, a group of intellectucal cities considered leaders in the creation of competitive advantages, that also has the necessary human resources to take all that infrastructure steadily into the future.


Increasingly better connected

International communications from the Bilbao airport are becoming increasingly easier. The airport is literally only 10 km away from the centre of the city and is also the most important airport in the north of Spain. Direct flights connect to a large number of European capitals.

The underground system, built by the famous architect, Norman Foster, meets the demand of inner city communications. And the tramways complement the range of modern transport networks that are efficient and sustainable.

Bilbao as a MICE destination

Nature in all its splendour

Bilbao is surrounded by an immeasurable natural beauty. On one side the Cantabrian sea and on the other, marvellous natural landscapes. Gorgeous beaches and natural reserves that lend the destination an unrivalled personality.  It is a city in which walks on foot or bicycle rides are a magnificent option. The undeniable trend toward sustainability and care for the environment surrounding it give us, the visitor, landscapes and walks that guarantee a very pleasant stay.  

The truth is that one of its most representative singularities is the capacity the Basque Country has of offering us incredible landscapes full of nature at its most expressive…  The Hanging Bridge of Bizkaia, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, unites 2 areas of the city which, due to its coastal character, offer a large number of leisure activities.

If we concentrate on looking for different activities for groups and incentives in the Basque Country we find some options that are characteristic of the area, such as practising an original sport that would be difficult to find in other parts of the world. A genuine alternative that offers a surprise as well as giving the gift of a lovely experience.

Bilbao as a MICE destination

Internationally renowned cooking

The gastronomy of Bilbao is known throughout the world. Indeed, Basque Country cooking is one of the main tourist attractions and one of the principal references as a destination. Anybody visiting the city knows they are going to eat like nowhere else. From small local producers to the bars full of pintxos, not to mention the famous and numerous Michelin starred restaurants.

In Bilbao the most traditional flavours are reborn with impetus, fusing the most modern techniques and renewing them with contemporary touches. In an environment like this, we shall always find fresh, top quality produce handled by cooks who know how to give each dish that touch of distinction so deserved in a gastronomic destination like this.


A city that always surpasses expectations  

It is undeniable that Bilbao has enjoyed a spectacular transformation from what it was prior to the 90´s, to what it is today. The city has become a point of reference for business tourism, incentives, conventions, congresses and events.  

A place in which the combination of the business spirit with enjoyment in the leisure area of the city is singularly easy. The variety of headquarters, spectacular venues, hotel infrastructure and business centres take us to a capital that has known how to fully adapt to the new era. Equally, the leisure and activities that can be practised in the area are the perfect complement to turn the Basque capital into a clear point of reference in the sector.

Excellence is one of its main assets. Bilbao is a modern and creative way of doing business while favouring the environment and entrepreneurial spirit, offering sustainable, healthy, technological, gastronomic and natural options and experiences. A destination capable of guaranteeing, without doubt, an unforgettable experience.

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