Why use a DMC or Destination Management Company?


What is a DMC or Destination Management Company?

A DMC or Destination Management Company simply put is a travel agency. However, we cannot leave the definition there. A DMC or Destination Management Company  offers you everything you need to help you organise a corporate event or tripIt is not based on organising family holidays (which it can do), but is a specialist agency in organising trips for groups whether smaller or larger which, in the majority, travel or undertake an event for corporate purposes.


Where does a DMC works?

As a travel agency a DMC or Destination Management Company could organise trips all over the world. But in this case specialization is generally the key. The figures of the DMC  concentrate on the destination they are most familiar with in order to be able to offer a guarantee on every service level.These services can be offered all over the country or simply locally. There can be receptive DMC agencies specialising only in Málaga, for example, or only Andalucía. In our case we have the ability and experience to work at a national level. So we can offer our services all over Spain.


What services does a DMC offer?

This type of agency deals with organising corporate trips and events.  This means planning the whole programme as well as all the reservations and coordination: transport, accommodation, meetings, activities, restaurants, attendance…. The list can be very long because everything that the organization of an event entails, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING can be managed by the DMC. This demonstrates the support this means for another agency or company that is not familiar with the destination where the event is being held.

Everything will be under professionals at all times. This increases confidence, making the job easier and guarantees that it will turn out well.Those imponderables will no longer be a problem with a person who knows the destination perfectly by your side.   

Also, in our case we have established some very advantageous agreements to be able to offer a very wide range of services at very advantageous prices. We can even offer, for example, marketing and communication services, something which is not normally available in the catalogue of services offered by a DMC.

What are the benefits of working with a DMC?

As we have said, working with professionals in the destination guarantees success in the event. Added to which currently in Spain there are a series of tax benefits that complement all we have said before. You can read more about this subject in an article on our blog that deals specifically with SUCOE plus the requirements needed to be able to save the VAT on the whole event.

Ultimately, working with an expert has its rewards:

  • You will be informed of all the best hotels, activities, restaurants, etc….. in the chosen destination, because the DMC or Destination Management Company knows the area perfectly.
  • They know the suppliers, know who to work with,and what are the strong and weak points. You will not be working blind.
  • They have experience in the type of event you are organising, they will know how to advise you so that everything comes out well.
  • They will have all the latest innovations in all the areas required in the organization of an event at their fingertips. The DMC must keep constantly abreast of all services and infrastructure available in the destination where they operate.
  • They make your work easier because you will only have to speak to one person. That person will deal with contacting the suppliers and coordinating with them.

    What does BE Spain DMC offer you?

    At BE Spain DMC, Events & Communication, as well as offering you all benefits of contracting a DMC and being experts in destination Spain, we also have values that take us far beyond:

    • We offer you maximum flexibility possible, everything we have to hand to make your life easier.
    • We are available 24 hours both before and during the event. If you have a query that makes you feel uneasy and it is over the weekend, do not hesitate, we shall be delighted to help you.
    • We guarantee you a prompt response when organising the programme.
    • We have ideas and we place at your disposal our creativity if you want to step outside the traditional
    • We are experts in new technology, we can advise you on whatever you may need.
    • Spain has no secrets for us: Málaga, Granada, Seville, Cádiz, Madrid, Marbella, Alicante, Valencia, Mallorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, Barcelona, Bilbao, San Sebastián.. and so on, with all the Spanish provinces. Wherever you wish to hold an event, we can help you there.


      Of course, if you have any futher queries or would like more in depth information on anything in this article, please contact us. We shall be delighted to help you with whatever you need.   

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